FMD: Weird Shtick

Thanks for engaging and entertaining my amusement with weird metal bands this week. I have one more tomorrow to add, but I'm going to skip the Pirate Metal.

So drop your lists and if you feel up to it, do you have a weird shtick band? The one that you feel the need to justify or explain because, well, you're not usually into that sort of thing, and some parts of it seem kind of objectionable, but you're going to listen anyway...


15 thoughts on “FMD: Weird Shtick”

  1. 1. Prince* “Darling Nikki” Purple Rain
    2. Soul Asylum “Runaway Train” Grave Dancers Union*
    3. Funki Porcini “123,3,4” The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds
    4. Big Smith “She Lets Me In” Big Rock
    5. Locust Fudge “Hormones” Oscillation

    6. Fukuharo Miho “Let It Out”* Let It Out
    7. DJ QBert “Redworm” Wave Twisters
    8. The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” Abbey Road*
    9. R.E.M. “The One I Love” Document
    T. Default Genders “The World Ends With You” Magical Pessimism 2014

    1. The album is credited to Prince and the Revolution, though I see that the in the credits it mentions that this song, "The Beautiful Ones", and "When Doves Cry" were "performed by" Prince.

    2. & 8. I really don't know why these are on my iPod.

    6. Second-season ending theme for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

  2. 1. Waiting For You--Gordon Lightfoot
    2. We'll Never Have to Say Goodbye Again--England Dan and John Ford Coley
    3. Don't Look Back--Boston
    4. Right Down the Line--Gerry Rafferty
    5. Infamous Angel--Iris DeMent
    6. Only One--James Taylor
    7. Born to Run--Emmylou Harris
    8. Peace Train--Cat Stevens
    9. Somebody's Baby--Jackson Browne
    10. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey--Paul McCartney

  3. Do You Feel Like We Do - Peter Frampton
    Bye Bye Love - The Cars
    Mr. Maker - The Kooks
    Thieves in the Temple - Prince
    Friday I'm In Love - The Cure

    Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) - Rockpile
    The View - Modest Mouse
    Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz
    Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan
    Wild Age - Warren Zevon

    1. The local NPR station always plays some weird instrumental cover of "Friday I'm In Love" on Friday mornings. EDM, strings, something weird each time.

  4. Obviously one could make a pretty good argument that Guided By Voices is a weird shtick. They (meaning Bob Pollard) had four releases this year alone, including a double album. The shear volume of stuff is staggering and there are the side projects, solo efforts, and emptying the vaults of demos and scrapes of songs. If I had like a month of free time I'd love to be an editor and parse the whole catalog into (a) must listen, (b) this is weirdly interesting, (b) this can be ignored. There would literally be hundreds of songs in each category.

  5. I guess when it comes to weird shtick, I'd have to include They Might Be Giants ("the thinking man's drinking band") and Dread Zeppelin. And a little bit of Focus.

    1. TMBG on tour. including St. Louis May 17, 2020. Looks like tix not on sale yet.

      At the Pageant. Also appears to be last show on tour, could be fun.

      For Minnesota-based fans, TMBG have tix available for a First Ave show May 15.

  6. 01. "I'll Be On My Way" – Bob & FredEccentric Soul Vol. 4: The Big Mack Label
    02. "Moving In Stereo" – The CarsThe Cars
    03. "Motor City Is Burning" – MC5Kick Out The Jams
    04. "I Never" – Rilo KileyMore Adventurous
    05. "Social Side" – Muncie GirlsFrom Caplan To Belsize
    06. "Peacock" – Jean Grae & Quelle ChrisEverything's Fine
    07. "Embers" – VagabonInfinite Worlds
    08. "Better" – Southside DesireSouthside Desire/Black Diet Split EP
    09. "Have You Seen My Son?" – Benjamin BookerBenjamin Booker
    10. "On The Roof" – The AntlersThe Attic Of The Universe

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