November 24, 2019: Forecast

Rumblings of prolonged snows after Thanksgiving... (though amateur meteorologist and trained weather-spotter wife says it’s still way too early to make any specific forecasts)... Is this last call on fall outdoor projects?

11 thoughts on “November 24, 2019: Forecast”

    1. It was a good show. I would have been disappointed if this was my first time seeing them. Definitely not a greatest hits setlist.

  1. The night is dark and full of terrors.

  2. Darren Wolfson
    Remains interesting to see what the #MNTwins do w/ Cron w/ Dec. 2 decision day approaching. They’ve kicked the tires on a few 3B, including Donaldson & Frazier. Moving Sano to 1B, & non-tendering Cron appears to be one of many options they’re discussing. Garver could play 1B too.

        1. Eh. The Barves figured him out. Surely the Twins could too. At least if Nelson is back. [Err, SINCE Nelson is coming back]

          1. Also, how awesome is that Cruz contract looking now? His team option for 2020 is for two million LESS than the $14 large he got this year. Per fangraphs he was worth $34 million this year.

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