15 thoughts on “November 26, 2019: Lamar”

  1. No winter ball from yesterday to report. However, in yesterday's recap, I missed Logan Wade, who's playing for Brisbane in the Australian League:

    Friday, he went 1-for-4 with a double and a run as Brisbane lost to Adelaide 10-3.
    Saturday, in game one, he went 0-for-3 as Brisbane lost to Adelaide 4-0.
    In game two, he went 0-for-5 with a run as Brisbane lost to Adelaide 6-5.
    Sunday, he went 1-for-4 with a run as Brisbane lost to Adelaide 6-5.
    In total, he is batting .125/.125/.188 in 16 at-bats.
    Adelaide is fourth (last) in their division, two games behind Canberra.

  2. Recent Hot Stove news:

    - Sounds like Jeremy Hefner is still firmly in the running for the pitching coach gig in Queens. It’s great to have a staff that other teams seem worthy of recruiting from, and I’m glad guys like Rowson, Fatse, and Swanson are getting opportunities to advance. At the same time, turnover of up to three positions on the coaching staff after one year seems less than ideal for a team seeking to defend its division crown and advance further than a postseason sweep. I’m also a bit more bummed by the loss of Fatse & Swanson (& potentially Hefner) than I am of either Rowson or Shelton. It seemed those were guys the Twins found and were very high on, potentially as replacements for openings created by Rowson, Shelton, or others’ own advancements in a couple years’ time.

    - Apparently the Twins have done some initial sounding of the pool of free agent third baseman; Josh Donaldson &Todd Frazier were specifically mentioned. Moustakas seems like a logical candidate, too; he hits left-handed (which could be significant if Rosario is traded), has some positional flexibility, and grades out as an average hot corner glove.

    - As Chaps noted yesterday, the Twins have hired a new hitting coach, Edgar Varela, who was promoted from his minor league hitting coordinator position. (I’m not sure what to make of Rudy Hernandez not getting the top gig, but I haven’t seen any reports indicating if he was a candidate, either.) In the MLBTR piece on Varela’s hiring, an update also noted the Twins have hired a new head athletic trainer, Michael Salazar, who had spent 2019 as an assistant trainer with the Padres after 18 years with Cleveland.

    - The Twins are still pursuing Zack Wheeler. As well they should be. In other news, snow is cold.

    1. I wondered about Rudy Hernandez, too, but like you I haven't heard anything about him being a candidate or being upset about being passed over. Maybe he's quite happy with what he's doing and doesn't really want to move any higher. Everybody doesn't have a burning desire to climb the ladder, and there's nothing wrong with that.

          1. This may be the Stockholm Syndrome talking, but I live with some cat people, and broadcasting through your cat's Instagram doesn't seem at all unusual.

  3. Duke doesnt have to worry about losses before March, but its always nice for them to lose.
    And to a Ken Pom ranked 263 (out of 353) Stephen F. Austin at home is delicious.

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