Minnesota Twins 2010s All-Decade Team

Inspired by The Athletic's all-decade teams for all of baseball, let's see what the Citizens here think of it. Here is Gleeman's article about his all-decade Twins team. I have reproduced it below in spoilered form for reference. Bonus discussion if you post the least-favorite or Bizzaro World team

Here's a template for you to use:
First base:
Second base:
Third base:
Left field:
Center field:
Right field:
Designated Hitter:
Starter 1:
Starter 2:
Starter 3:
Starter 4:
Starter 5:

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9 thoughts on “Minnesota Twins 2010s All-Decade Team”

  1. I'll go for the least-favorite team.

    Catcher: John Ryan Murphy
    First base: Brendan Harris
    Second base: Tsuyoshi Nishioka
    Third base: Matt Tolbert
    Shortstop: Pedro Florimon
    Left field: Delmon Young
    Center field: Ben Revere
    Right field: Clete Thomas
    Designated Hitter: Ryan Doumit
    Starter 1: Ricky Nolasco
    Starter 2: Kevin Correia
    Starter 3: Mike Pelfrey
    Starter 4: Vance Worley
    Starter 5: Jason Marquis
    Closer: Matt Capps
    Bullpen: Matt Belisle
    Bullpen: Jim Hoey
    Bullpen: Blake Parker
    Bullpen: Sam Dyson
    Bullpen: Jeff Gray

  2. Im going with my favorite players

    Catcher: Joe Mauer
    First base: Justin Morneau
    Second base: Brian Dozier
    Third base: Miggy Sano
    Shortstop: Eddie Escobar
    Left field: Denard Span
    Center field: Byron Buxton
    Right field: Max Kepler
    Designated Hitter: JI JI JIM THOME
    Starter 1: Jose Berrios
    Starter 2: Carl Pavano
    Starter 3: Bartolo Colon
    Starter 4: Frankie Liriano
    Starter 5: Matt Fox
    Closer: Glen Perkins
    Bullpen (no order of favoritism): Matt Guerrier
    Bullpen: Swizzelsticks
    Bullpen: Joe Nathan
    Bullpen: Caleb Thielbar
    Bullpen: Taylor Rogers

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