9 thoughts on “December 1, 2019: The Leftovers”

  1. I made two batches of turkey broth yesterday. I plan to use one to make the world's best chicken and wild rice soup and the other to, I dunno, risotto or something.

  2. I picked up a bag of Shishito peppers at Costco Friday and fried up a couple of piles for appetizers. Left my dad with half a bag still. But they were like $5. I paid more than that for a pint if them at my local grocery last time.

    Also the Total Wine near 494 and France has a nice beer selection. Lift Bridge Milk Stout, Left Hand Milk Stout on Nitro, Summit Winter Warmer, and a New Belgium (?) Something or other Ranger IPA. We ran out of energy before the Belching Beaver PB Porter (stout?)

    Also also, spatchcocking the turkey is the only way to go. Came out damn near perfect, if I do say so myself.

    1. Seconded on the spatchcocking. Mine was just about perfect too, plus it only took 80 minutes in the oven to cook a 15 pounder.

  3. Long day of travel.

    We left the house in Scandia around 9:30 after the guy came and plowed. Even after that, our 2WD rental got stuck in 2 inches of slush about 6 feet from the garage. I shoveled and sanded, and we finally got pushed out of that mess and miraculously made it down The Hill without sliding off the precarious driveway, and somehow got thru Scandia, then Forest Lake, then finally to the airport. I was careful not to slow down thru the stoplights as I would have gotten stuck in the crap.
    Back in H'istan after a 1.5 hr delay waiting for our plane to arrive in MSP, then an interminable wait for de-icing and waiting in line for takeoff. Here, the snow wasn't so bad, but it turned to icy slush, so the drive home was just like the beginning of the day. At least here I have German AWD help at hand, and easily made it up the slushy driveway. Tonight it will continue rain/sleet/ice, but temps will hover up to 39, so probably tomorrow morning's plowing will be more slush-pushing.

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