34 thoughts on “December 6, 2019: Light Speed”

  1. Meeting today with people from the Three Rivers Park District, hoping to convince them to remove the outhouse vault toilet it installed just past my backyard, visible from my bedroom window, deck, dining room, etc. It's only 60% closer than the distance illustrated in their "final plan", and behind 0% of the trees. It's at the edge of a transmission-line easement meaning no vegetation will ever be allowed to grow up to block the view. Working from home till then, but needed to vent.

          1. Avila & Castro are the same age. Over the past three seasons, Avila's led in OPS+ (98 to 91) with almost 30 points more OBP. That means Avila's been solidly above-average for OBP, while Castro's been just a hair below. Both have below-average power. Avila strikes out more frequently than Castro (34.3% to 29.4%), but also walks more frequently (16.7% to 11.5%).

            Great pick-up, I think, especially if Rocco follows through on the intent to keep Garver fresher by having more of a timeshare behind the dish. Something like 50/40/10, Garver/Avila/Astudillo?

            1. Yeah, I really like this pickup. Avila's on base skills are very very good for a catcher, and his left handed bat balances Garver. This is about a perfect a backup catcher (who will likely be more of a "1b" to Garver's "1a") pickup as we could have hoped for, I think.

        1. Great value for sure, considering they paid Castro $8M last season, so a slight upgrade at half the price. Castro has pretty wide splits, so he would benefit from a strict platoon as well.

    1. I love that kind of article -- breaking down everything and showing its work clearly. I'm sort of surprised it came from MLB.

      At this point, I'd like them to go with Ryu and Donaldson. Ryu's command will play anywhere, so long as he's healthy.

            1. UZR has him above average (9th overall)

              DRS has him as one of the best in the league at third.

              Both show him as a significant improvement over Sano.

      1. Yes. C, SS, CF. The rest fall into place.

        There's been a lot of talk about our pitching versus the other playoff teams last year but I've hardly heard anyone mention how much worse our infield defense was compared to others.

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