FMD 12/06/2019: Best of 2019

It's that time of year again. Let us know if you'd like to participate in the Best of 2019 celebration. It will be first come first served. Just volunteer below and I will set up the schedule shortly.

Also, drop a list if you feel like it.

12/11 freealonzo
12/12 nibbish
12/13 Pepper
12/16 Philosopher
12/17 Daneeka's Ghost
12/18 Zack
12/19 CarterHayes
12/20 Rhubarb_Runner
12/23 AMR
12/26 davidwatts
12/27 spookymilk

29 thoughts on “FMD 12/06/2019: Best of 2019”

  1. 01. "Like Blood Does" – Cymbals Eat GuitarsWhy There Are Mountains
    02. "Tenderness" – Jay SomAnak Ko
    03. "Dreamboat" – Eleni MandellSnakebite
    04. "I'm So Afraid" – Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac
    05. "'Wyclef Jean" – Young ThugNo, My Name is JEFFERY
    06. "100 Years" – EMAThe Future's Void
    07. "Wicked Waters" – Benjamin BookerBenjamin Booker
    08. "Tiger Tank" – Speedy OrtizMajor Arcana
    09. "Do It Again (prod. NA) – KelelaCut 4 Me
    10. "If I Was Santa Claus" – AtmosphereLucy Ford

  2. What was everyone's Spotify band of the year? Mine was, in a surprise to absolutely no one, The Hold Steady.

    1. Vampire Weekend, followed by a bunch of Beard Rock and Randy Newman.

      My genres were Indie Rock, Pop, Rock, Indietronica (?) and......Pagan Black Metal (??!)

      1. Not actually spotify, but easily my most listened artist this year was Josh Ritter. Vampire Weekend made a valiant effort.

    2. You don't even have to ask me, but.... GBV had four(!) releases this year (and one was a double album). That's a lot of listens before I go out and purchase.

    3. To my surprise: Chevelle
      I like Chevelle, but I didn't think they'd be the top. But I did start out the year listening to Joyride and Door to Door Cannibals a lot. And they stayed on my main playlist most of the year, so it made sense.
      #2 was Tool, which also made sense. Considering they only started streaming their catalog starting in August, that's impressive that they were that high. Also goes to show how much I enjoy listening to Tool. If Spotify could include my Amazon music listens Tool would've been #1 for sure.

      1. I haven't listened to much Chevelle since Vena Sera, but I did love that album. I'm probably going to give it a spin right now, actually.

        1. Chevelle historically has been hit and miss with me. But when it hits, it HITS. Loved Clincher and Vitamin R. Love I Get It, Joyride, DTDC, etc. But The Red, Send the Pain Below, Take Out The Gunman, etc. just didn't hit home as much.

    4. Lil Peep was mine. Which isn't surprising since I spent all of this (miserable, worst in my life) year listening to sad boy things like Peep.

    5. Tidal here, and they don’t keep those stats. I’m more bummed about it than I should be.

      Probable top-listers:

      Kendrick Lamar
      Thom Yorke
      The xx
      Heart Bones

  3. I'd be a lot more use in a best of 1975.

    1. Son of a Son of a Sailor--Jimmy Buffett
    2. If I Needed You--Emmylou Harris and Don Williams
    3. Make Me Lose Control--Eric Carmen
    4. Don't Look Back--Boston
    5. Oh, Very Young--Cat Stevens
    6. Smoke from a Distant Fire--Sanford-Townsend Band
    7. Take It to the Limit--Eagles
    8. When I Need You--Leo Sayer
    9. If--Bread
    10. Time In a Bottle--Jim Croce

    1. You could literally be program director for Sirius Radio Seventies on Seven channel. (No criticism intended, just so spot on).

      1. Not taken as a criticism. That and The Bridge are my go-to Sirius stations, other than sports. It's the music I love and always will love.

  4. My Punny Song of the Year Nominations:
    Unsainted - Slipknot
    Fear Inoculum - Tool
    Holy Ground - Passion f/ Melodie Malone (worship song)
    Bad Guy - Billie Eilish f/ Justin Bieber (yes, this version, though I like both)
    Too Bad - Rival Sons
    The Other Side - Hugh Jackman & Zac Efron (Greatest Showman soundtrack)

    I realize Other Side came out really in 2017 with the movie, but this year it hit a stride after I bought the soundtrack on a long trip, and the kids have played the sountrack relentlessly. I love this song and the back and forth.
    I never thought I'd nominate the Biebs, but I love Bad Guy, and that particular version. Partially for the single photo cover (Eilish as a teeny-bopper Bieber fan)
    Unsainted is my song of the year, no contest. I've never been a huge Slipknot fan, but this song killed it.
    Rival Sons is my new favorite band. I'll put on a random playlist of their songs, and I just listening to every one. I've become a big fan of the blues-y sound they have (similarly I like Highly Suspect and Kaleo)
    The worship song is one that I've heard at church a number of times and it's one I've really connected to this year.
    I was unsure about nominating Tool, was it just hype or missing them for 13 years? Partially, but I also really enjoy the song, and I've come to love it the more I hear it. Same with the rest of the album.

    1. Honorable Mentions:
      A Grave Mistake - Ice Nine Kills - This band does something really cool where each album has a theme, and this album was songs about horror movies. This song was about The Crow. Really grew on me
      Joyride / Door to Door Cannibals / Sleep Walking Elite - Chevelle - Really came to love these 3 songs by Chevelle.
      Shallow - Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga - very sweet song. Loved their Oscar performance
      Tourniquet - Breaking Benjamin
      Cross Off - Mark Morton & Chester Bennington.
      Jumpsuit - Twenty-One Pilots - this song is begging for a Weird Al spoof called Junk Food
      16 - Highly Suspect
      When I'm Gone - Dirty Honey - honestly, I feel like they're ripping on the classic rock vibe that Greta Van Fleet brought last year, but I really like this song.

  5. Band on the Run - Paul McCartney and Wings
    We Are All Made of Stars - Moby
    Dose of You - Nick Lowe
    A Girl Like You - The Smithereens
    The Nearness of You - Norah Jones

    Delirious - Prince
    Dance the Night Away - Cream
    Trippin On a Hole in a Paper Heart - Stone Temple Pilots
    Picture Book - The Kinks
    I Thank You - Sam & Dave

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