15 thoughts on “December 8, 2019: Last Call”

    1. Boo. I like the dancing queen and Scandia rock thing where they play 3 keys on the piano.

      I just arrived in Kobenhavn. Early observations at the airport: all the men look like Vikings (bald and tats) and the women are blonde.

          1. Ascot Hotel, not far from Tivoli.

            Wow - still dark when I awoke at 7:30.
            Hartford - 41 degrees 76 minutes
            Paris - 48 degrees, 85 minutes
            Kobenhavn - 56 degrees, 26 minutes

            Also, two tea bags in my Paris room. Here there were 4 coffee pods (2 coffees, 2 espressos) and a high-tech Lilly machine. I just started my second cup of coffee.

  1. That's a lot of money.

    1. Was also in Boston Legal. A show that just disappeared after its run although I see it on Hulu and will have to give it a rewatch.

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