31 thoughts on “January 14, 2020: There And Back Again”

      1. More like, where are we going to get a cartoon (licensing issues and all)? Or do we just post our own captions here to the weekly cartoon and have our own internal voting on it?

        1. two-cave-guys-are-talking-over-a-rock-and-the-first-cave-guy-waves-his-club-at-a-pteradactyl.gif

  1. I got a Kraut Source for Christmas, and my first round of pickles turned out well. They might be a bit salty for my tastes, but they're still very good. Eating the (raw-tasting) garlic clove I had in there, not so much. For round two, I added a jalapeño, we'll see how it turns out in a couple more days, hopefully not too spicy to be edible.

    What I'm really looking forward to is getting some okra in there this summer.

    1. I slice the cloves up. But they take forever to ferment.

      How long did you let the pickles go? I usually aim for around a month.

        1. I think they are going to run with what they have (unless they are offered a great deal) going into the season. They will evaluate how the young guns do and how Pineda and Hill are looking. I think if there are quality starting pitchers available at the trade deadline, they will consider making a move. I support this idea because it gives us a chance to audition the young starters and evaluate their future with the team, while also potentially building some trade value with those younger arms. Adding Donaldson gives us a much better opportunity to be buyers at the trade deadline versus sellers.

    1. I was not expecting that. It's not impact pitching, but he'll help the defense and help us outscore some teams.

      1. I was just going to write "how long til someone says it's still not impact pitching". I think it is a really good signing and I am a bit giddy thinking about our line up.

        1. I did not say, "it's still not impact pitching", which would indicate disapproval. I said "It's not impact pitching" and then went on to write positively about it. All I was doing was making a rather obvious point that, as they have (so far, anyway) not achieved their original goal, they went another direction to help the team. I certainly did not mean to imply that I was upset about the signing. I agree, I'm very happy with it and think it gives us a very strong lineup.

    2. This makes me feel much better about the off-season than I did previously. I'm glad to have been wrong.

      1. Given the slim pickings still out there, it was hard not to be pessimistic.

        The timing on this is beautiful. Just before Twinsfest and early enough in the offseason to have a real impact on season ticket sales, especially since tax refunds haven't begun to come in yet. Plus, they just signed Sano to an extension, so that will quell any rumors about trading him for pitching since that would seem likely. He also was talking about playing whatever position is asked of him at his conference today.

        I would say Twins are the clear favorites now in the Central if they weren't already. Will they still trade for pitching? We'll see. This will mean it is less urgent, and they could wait till midseason to make a trade.

  2. Victor Martinez will retake sole possession of the all-important "most homeruns hit by a player who was never a Twin with the Dread Pirate in attendance" title as soon as I see Donaldson in a game next year.

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