26 thoughts on “January 22, 2020: End Of The LP”

  1. Speaking of LPs, it’s about time that I semi-retire my old Technics SL. Not sure what will replace it at home yet (Fluance RT-84? Pro-Ject Esprit? Rega Planar?), but I’m considering taking the Technics to my office, along with my Sansui G-5500. That means I’ll need to look at a new amp or receiver...and I already know I need new speakers.

    1. I have a non functioning receiver that I'm getting rid of. I tried to refurbish it - the new light bulbs in the display are AWESOME, but the new capacitors are not workign for soem reason. It powers on, but no sound comes out? I haven't had time to troubleshoot it. I ended up with one of those portable turntables that serves my purposes well enough.

      If it interests you at all, I will send to you for the cost of postage. I can get more details & pics tonight too.

      1. My wallet cringes at the thought of the postage to mail a vintage receiver. I appreciate the offer, but my Sansui will eventually need its own refurbishment. I’ll have a hard decision to make at that point — Pops moved his old receiver out to his shop, but I don’t spend the same amount of time out in the garage he did. Moving it to my office, where one of my colleagues could also enjoy spinning some LPs, should extend the time until refurbishment or consignment a bit.

    2. I like spending other people's money as much as the next guy. However, I haven't looked at turntables for a couple years. I don't know Fluance, but it looks nice. Pro-Ject and Rega are respected brands.

      If you're just doing stereo music, I'd probably shoot for an amp/pre-amp or an integrated amp. If you're running movies with a bit of surround sound, I like Denon and Accessories4Less.

      Speakers … are really personal. And there is a lot of choice.

      That'll be fun to have a system set up in the office!

      1. Likely just doing stereo music. We don’t watch movies much and don’t have a TV package, either. Our TV is...nine years old? It’s 1080p & outputs its sound to a so-so Pioneer A/V receiver I bought in the late Nineties, and from there into some full-cabinet three-ways of the same vintage. The Pioneer is headed for St. Vinny’s. I figure the best time we buy a TV we’ll get a sound bar and call it good for another decade. Who knows, it might even be our last TV.

        I’ve been eyeing this receiver, which should have enough oomph to drive whatever speakers I settle on. I think the speakers will need to balance my taste with the realities of the listening space and Mrs. Hayes’ intentions for it. (In other words, no matter how much I might fall in love with the Magnepans, I'm not going to get clearance for speakers that need three feet between them & the wall behind.) The audition list currently includes the Klipsch RP 600Ms & RP-5000Fs, ELAC Debut F5.2s, maybe some KEFs.

  2. Derek Jeter is the only HOF shortstop with a negative career dWAR. He ranks 4th all-time for worst dWAR for SSs, behind Michael Young, Hanley Ramirez and Harvey Kuenn.

    1. It doesn’t matter when comparing Jeter to actual shortstops, but dWAR’s position adjustment unfairly masks how deeply his fielding undercut his value, relative to other players. Jeter’s Fielding Runs deficit is the worst in history, and it’s not even close. He’s nearly 50 runs worse than the runner-up (Gary Sheffield) and over 70 worse than notorious butcher Adam Dunn. Bernie Williams is sixth-worst, which leads to the astounding realization that the late George Steinbrenner Yankme dynasty featured two of the worst fielders of all time up the middle. Manny B Manny is a distant seventh.

        1. Somehow, no. Steinbrenner died in July 2010. Jeter’s three worst seasons by Fielding Runs were 2005 (-27), 2007 (-24), and 2000 (-23), and Dreamboat’s -18 in 2012 is the only post-Steinbrenner season that makes his top (bottom?) ten. Four of Williams’ five worst seasons came in 2002 or later.

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