34 thoughts on “January 24, 2020: Foggy”

    1. It one point I was hoping that the WGOM would hit 420,000 comments on 4.20.20 but while doable (needs about 705 comments per day) pretty unlikely. Your tossing in the topics and the WGOM draft have helped however.

  1. Topps 2020 baseball series 1 comes on on Feb. 5, I believe, and as yet there has still not been a release of the checklist. I (and others) find it hilarious/stupid whom they chose to include; when a player is a free agent or highly rumored to be released or traded, you certainly shouldn't have their card (in "current" team's uniform) in series 1! Players like Paul Goldschmidt last year ended up with a Diamondbacks card in series 1 and then a card late in the year in the update set as a Cardinal. There was no reason they couldn't have had him in the normal rotation in series 2 in a Cardinal uniform in the first place. It's not like his Diamondbacks card would be highly sought after by AZ collectors or anything.

  2. On a related note, it's also interesting which players are featured in the autographed cards each year. Autographs like Brian Dozier's were scarce to find for several years, and yet you could line a recycle bin with autographed cards of Zack Granite, Jake Cave, or Kohl Stewart. Also, Topps has a couple vehicles where they can release autographs of past players, like a reprint of an older card in the Heritage sets, or where they buy back a card, get it autographed, and release it in a sealed holder like in the Archives Signature series. I particularly like these as they might be the only opportunity to get a certified autographed card of that player -- autographed cards only really started in earnest in the very late 90s. Unfortunately, for example, while Terry Steinbach now has some Archives Signatures cards this past year, the more common ones are A's cards, and the only two Twins cards were unique 1-of-1 cards! 🙁

  3. Yesterday I ran across this short film documenting some of the routine work in Chicago’s Prudential Building. The video's title says 1980s, but the filmmaker says his assignment was in 1976. It's a glimpse at the passing parade of existence.

    Bob? Bob?! Bob! ... Wake up, man.

  4. Leftover pressure cooker chili verde for lunch today. This was a fairly hot batch — I went for a pound of Sandia Hatch chiles instead of the poblano/Anaheim mix JKLA calls for in his recipe. Off-season tomatillos robbed some of the flavor, though.

    1. Some good deals on signed Jerseys (at this point) especially if you want a prospect. Auctions close tomorrow at 5pm. I'm eyeing a few things but I really don't have room for more twins stuff ...

  5. Since I already had Hulu, I decided to add on the Disney/ESPN package for a few dollar more a month. I think its a winner of a deal just for the ESPN+ live content. Cant wait for the baseball season to start because they carry a game just about every day. (also, FA Cup and Championship English soccer )

    1. We dropped Hulu due to the Vizio app support fail. Right now I'm evaluating base streaming services (Sling, Youtube, ATT) so we can 86 Comcast cable. So far we're still shut out of the baby Yoda craze and that will last until I have a new job.

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