30 thoughts on “February 3, 2020: Pour One Out”

  1. So, I finally upped for a year subscription to Gixen. I've been using the free version for years, but as its usability in free state has been choked down little by little, it finally made sense to pass along a few $$.

    Gixen is a great proxy sniping program for eBay that will throw out your bid for you 4 seconds before auction end. I particularly like not having to monitor auctions at all hours, especially overnight (which isn't going to happen). And we've been looking online for a lot more of our stuff lately.

  2. Bad Beat

      1. I wanted a good game last night, so I guess I'd have been happy either way. But a friend put up a $10 prop bet spreadsheet (everything from length of national anthem to color of the gatorade bath to actual football things) and it was awfully fun for all of us to cheer for one more J-Lo costume change, etc.

        1. I think this is the difference...I would gamble for the "cheap" entertainment value and shared excitement in this context. I wouldn't want it to be something that I actually had to worry about.

  3. I used my meat grinder attachment on the Kitchen Aid for the first time yesterday. Made sliders from a chick roast. Really rich burgers!

    Anybody have tips? It was really easy to use but a pain to clean.

    1. If you ever make a chuck roast and have enough leftovers, coarse grind the meat, potatoes, carrots and a raw onion. Mix it up in a bowl with salt, plenty of fresh black pepper, a bit of cream and oil, then bake at about 375 or fry it up in a cast iron skillet for a savory hash the way my grandma used to make it. And invite me over for dinner when you do.

  4. Fun day today despite the foggy brain. Area 9th grade marketing students are here doing a test kitchen for our annual Battle of the Burgers contest. The entries this year include a Turkey Caesar Burger, Buffalo Mac n Cheese Burger and a Steakhouse burger. We run them all for 2 weeks and the winner hits the menu. We donate $1 from each burger sold to the DECA program. Last 2 years we sold over 700 burgers per contest. Fun stuff!

      1. He can't be giving away trade secrets like that. What if one of his competitors reads this here blog looking for a scoop?

        1. It's really only Nibbish I am worried about. He is constantly pumping me for trade secrets after cribbage and he married into a restaurant equipment empire. It's just a matter of time before he opens up Nibbish's Burger Emporium across the street and sends me to the poor house.

              1. I prefer to think of Nibbish as Plankton. I am comfortable being Mr. Crab. We don't have a crabby patty, but do feature a homemade Pike Burger (Northern and Walleye Pike).

  5. I have to admit that I enjoyed the Super Bowl this year. Before the game we did some shopping and housework. I got out and scraped all the hard packed snow off the driveway and picked up about three weeks worth of dog poop from the back yard, then played Frisbee with the pup for half an hour. I didn't turn on the TV until 5:30 and purposely missed all of the pre-game inanity. The game itself was really well contested by both teams on both sides of the ball. With one possible exception, and I admit it was a big one that was so close it could have gone either way, the officials appeared to get all the calls right. The team I wanted to see win made a dramatic recovery in the last half of the fourth quarter and pulled off a big comeback victory. I didn't have great expectations for the halftime show but it was entertaining enough, although my more conservative relatives apparently weren't amused (but they'd probably disapprove of, say, a carnival parade in Brazil as well). Some of the commercials were really good and there were a few duds (I know ads are designed to manipulate emotions, but the ones that do it too obviously tend to annoy me). Joe and Troy didn't add any value at all, but that's expected and I've heard their voices enough that I can tune out their frequencies easy enough. Younger Daughter came over and we got to spend several hours with her. Mrs. Twayn made her awesome chicken enchiladas, both the red sauce kind with beans and the white sauce kind with green chilies. Because I originally got it for New Years Eve, some of the shrimp was starting to get freezer burn so I ended up thawing it all out and eating the remaining good ones which had to be near half a pound. We did have a last minute scratch and skipped the chicken wings because we had so much other food, but I'm making them next Sunday for the Oscars, and I don't mind a little delayed gratification at my age. Two kinds of beer, Leinenkugel Honey Weiss (first half) and Shiner Bock (second half). After the game we watched a couple episodes of Ozark, which is my newest addiction, before hitting the sack. Simple things, but I find a lot of pleasure in them these days.

    1. but they'd probably disapprove of, say, a carnival parade in Brazil as well

      I'm no prude, and I've seen some things here in the big easy, but a carnival parade in Brazil would likely make me blush a wee bit.

  6. Rosario not letting go of #20.

      1. It'll be a while before I get there, so Donaldson Falvey still has time.

        That said, for the young players there's a definite line here between, "Yeah, that's a believable number for the regular season." and "Cool that he gets to be in big league camp to start the year. Let's see what he wears in 2021."

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