33 thoughts on “February 7, 2020: Second Day Off…”

  1. Also second day off for the middle child. He spent yesterday morning learning things can come back up, was totally fine all day, and then regretted it overnight. This is after the eldest had a similar experience on Sunday. We're hoping it ends there.

    1. The Poissonnière has missed two weeks out of the last four, first with influenza & an ear infection, and this week with fevers too high to permit attendance, yet without any real idea what is causing them. X-rays ruled out pneumonia, at least.

    1. I think that if they want a different top 10 prospect, sure. If the Dodgers wanna throw in more, sure.

      When Dan Shaughnessy is dragging the Red Sox ownership for getting rid of a player, things are not going over well there. I think they're trying to intentionally blow up the trade.

      1. My opinion of this trade drifts unfavorable it the top 10 prospect is not Graterol. The other pitchers are clear starters at this point, and there’s no way this makes sense if it’s Lewis/Kirilloff/Larnach or even Jeffers.

      2. I don't think they are intentionally blowing up the trade, they need to dump Price's salary. I'm a little surprised they haven't been able to get the Dodgers to find another team other than the Twins to play with however.

    2. I feel bad for Graterol. He's going to be stuck with the "damaged goods" label for a while, possibly ever if he doesn't become a good player.

      1. I feel for all the players involved. What a crappy situation.

        I'm mostly irritated at the Red Sox. My guess is that there is absolutely nothing in Graterol's medical reports that was unexpected, and this whole thing is them having buyer's remorse. I'd expect they'll have a hard time trading with others in the future after this.

        I'd also point out: if the deal doesn't get done, I'm not going to be too upset. I think it was a good trade for the Twins, but I'd also rather have Graterol in our bullpen than not.

        1. Pretty much agreed. I don't see Graterol as all that, and Maeda could be nice, but either or, there is no way the Twins are on the hook for anything else. Falvine gets to cross their arms, sit back, and watch how things go down.

          Red Sox come through looking like idiots: either for doing zero due-diligence, or for believing anyone else would think that they had done their due diligence.

    3. I'd consider throwing in a farm system filler type of prospect to get it over the line, if the Red Sox truly found something medical that they were previously unaware of. Otherwise I'd be pretty inclined to stick to my guns. Seems like the Twins have less to lose here than anyone else, even if Maeda would be a good piece to have.

      1. Agreed. There’s nobody else in the top 10 that is a good fit as substitution in this trade, and I’d not be inclined to add much above an organizational depth guy.

      2. I think that's what they'll need to do. A really low level prospect with little upside to make it look like the Red Sox "won."

      3. That's what I was thinking. If they'll take a non-prospect roster filler guy to save face, fine. If not, I'd tell them to go pound sand.

    4. I don't know why the Twins can't send Graterol to the Dodgers for Maeda and let the Dodgers figure out what it will take to finish the deal with the Red Sox. Baseball America says the Dodgers have more Top 100 prospects than the Twins even without this deal being done anyway.

      1. The Twins can't just "send Gaterol to the Dodgers for Maeda." The Dodgers have to also agree to it and they don't necessarily want BG.

        1. I understand that, but I don't get why it seems like it's the Twins and Red Sox negotiating. The Twins are getting nothing from the Red Sox. If the Dodgers want to get this deal done, they should be the ones leading the negotiating. In effect, the original deal was the Twins sending Graterol to the Dodgers for Maeda and the Dodgers turning around and trading Graterol to the Red Sox to be included in the deal for Betts and Price. The Dodgers should be figuring out what else to include unless the Red Sox don't want Graterol at all.

    1. I guess you can ask for anything you want, but the Twins would be foolish to say yes. And as Philo pointed out above, it's going to be harder for the Red Sox to get other teams to deal with them after this.

    2. Here's what I don't understand. The Twins are basically trading with the Dodgers and the Dodgers are trading with the Red Sox. If the Red Sox have a problem with their compensation, it is on the Dodgers to figure that out.

    3. Boras sides with his player.

      1. Boras & MLBPA are rightly upset here, I think. Whichever organization is the source of information regarding Graterol’s medicals, they’ve managed to publicly damage the perceived value of Graterol’s arm without actually presenting any evidence supporting that devaluation. I don’t think it’s likely the Twins were that source. I can see arguments for & against the Red Sox feeding it to sportswriters. It seems more likely someone in their front office acted independently to do so.

        1. This is absolutely something the acquiring team would leak to curry favor. The Twins had already announced he would be a reliever for the upcoming season and there were concerns last year about that. How are us fans more informed than another team.

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