February 12, 2020: Primarily

Not trying to get FZy here, but with the second primary in the books, that means were about to get in the thick of things. I am not looking forward to the next 9 months...

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        1. My wife also prefers Starbucks to Caribou. She says Caribou is too roasted (I think)

          Either way I can't/don't/won't drink coffee, so I have no dog in that fight.

        2. I used to massively prefer Caribou. I still think it is better, but Starbucks has grown on me quite a bit. I occasionally brew products from both stores at home too, and have found them to be of similar quality.

          I might well depend on your go-to drink? (Caramel high rise, here.)

          1. As someone that drinks pretty much exclusively black coffee, they're all fine I guess. I can tolerate gas station coffee though, so my palette may not be all that refined.

            1. Same. There's coffee at work so that covers Monday through Thursday and my usual weekend routine is to make a pot of coffee on Friday and carry that pot through Sunday.

          2. I don't drink coffee, so my only comment is on the sandwiches and the tea. I prefer Caribou for both but can go both places.

          3. I like non-black coffee. I like minty things, but caramel and chocolate things are also delicious. Starbucks just seems to have a less sickly sweet aftertaste to everything.

            1. I do sometimes get "too sweet" from Caribou, yes. But not always. Which makes me feel like it must be individual barista related, and not coffee related.

          1. The one near Milwaukee might be Colectivo, which has expanded to the People’s Republic & Chicago. The People’s Republic also has Peet’s & Caribou locations (and should have when this map was generated; both have been in the market for a decent while).

      1. Nebraska should have a bunch of "Other chain" dots. Scooters absolutely dominates the market down here.

      2. Dunn Brothers has 52 locations in Minnesota and a handful in other states. In Alexandria, the new (busy) Starbucks has seen my vehicle in the drive-thru 4 times. After months of operation they are still painfully slow. I used to go to Caribou, but have switched over to Dunn Brothers the past few years as service is much faster and a good friend's daughter is a barista there.

        I will say that I also do not have a refined taste for coffee, and I have made far fewer trips for expensive coffee since we have pretty good coffee at work. Also, since I have up sweets about 18 months ago, my old stand by (Hazelnut Latte) just tastes too sweet for me.

          1. ::shakes fist::

            Iced coffee!

            I got nothing against people who want to drink iced coffee, but, dangit, when I order coffee the default should be "hot". I shouldn't have to specify that I want it to be normal! Why are you asking me if I want it hot?!? These darned Iced Coffee drinkers have ruined the default...

            1. ...We went to the Philly Pizza Company and ordered some hot tea;
              the waitress said, "Well no, we only have it iced."
              So we jumped up on the table and shouted “Anarchy!”...

              1. That's not the issue - the issue is: the default coffee is hot coffee. Iced coffee should be asked for specifically, and if it is not, it should be assumed to be hot.

                  1. According to a Forbes article I found from 2018:

                    Iced drinks are now more than 50% of its business, compared with 37% five years ago.

                    But that's all iced drinks, not just coffee. And it sounds like it is based off of revenue, with iced drinks generally being more expensive than hot ones.

                    So... not sure? But probably close.

                    Still. Default is default. GOML.

                1. Ice coffee is a rip off. Far less coffee with tons of ice. I take 4 drinks through my straw and it is gone.

                  1. If I’m out & about and get a jones for an iced coffee, I order an iced red-eye instead. At home, I make a concentrate that doesn’t over-dilute when iced.

  1. Excitement is mostly building for Rage Against the Machine tour. Mostly.

    1. My college son texted me last night that he wants to go with a RATM concert in Minneapolis. I am puzzled as, in the past, he has raged against RATM for being so political. We both fall on opposite sides of the political spectrum, so we have had lots of arguments on this band.

    2. I’d go to see Tom Morello perform, but I’m more interested in the other act for the show: Run the Jewels.
      Tickets on sale tomorrow at 11 (no sense of the cost ... may be prohibitive).

      Also on (pre)sale tomorrow: Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit 10:00 am. Anyone with access to presale codes - please share. Playing the Armory on June 19.

      1. This is where my ticketsharing idea would be great. I'd much rather see RTJ than RATM as well. We find people who want to see RATM and not RTJ, and pair off.

        We can have some sort of ticket that lets swap out like a tag-team match, and we split the cost with the partner

        Of course, if the person seeing the first act doesn't come to tag out, could cause problems.

        1. Ugh.

          Someone this summer was ~$30+fees, which I think would be the only one I'd go to at this point

          Edit: only problem is I can't remember who it was. I doubt it was Isbell

              1. DBT are the leaders in the clubhouse right know, depending on the Isbell prices.

                But realistically I don't go to any shows this summer. It's just hard to get into town for one, then back home so late.

                And even worse if I have to leave from work in St. Cloud to do it.

        2. I think Isbell presale code is SOLO. Since The Current is a sponsor I wouldn't be surprised if they list one tomorrow in their newsletter.

    1. I decided to keep a close eye on Lewis this year after reading an article awhile back about his swing (big, busy and inefficient). Seems his pitch recognition trends toward the Delmonesque as well. But that's what minor league coaching is for. And nobody doubts his talent.

  2. Damn couldn't get through for HS 7th street entry tickets. I did get through but picked 2 tickets instead of 1 and got booted when there weren't 2.

    1. I didn't hear it, but we're not really friends, so I very much doubt it. I mean, nothing against him or anything, I just don't particularly know him.

  3. We are in a legit blizzard here today. Whiteout conditions, high winds, plunging temperatures, etc.

    I actually love this part of living on the prairie. We're in town, so no real impact other than school is cancelled and we get to cozy up and enjoy the day or get caught up on chores. I'm still at work, but no one is coming in or calling so I'm able to get to some back-burnered projects. Right now I'm just sitting in front of the window, soaking up some sunlight, listening to some music, and enjoying life. Blizzards are cool.

    1. Sounds like what we had earlier today. Not much snow, really, but very strong winds created whiteout conditions anyway. It stopped snowing a few hours ago and the wind is gradually going down, but it's still pretty strong.

      1. It happens with some frequency that I see you post something weather-related on FB, and a handful of hours later that same weather hits our town.

          1. While I admit to being impressed that you came up with CR, that was where I grew up, but now I'm in my wife's hometown of Wabasso.

    2. We got hardly any snow, but it's supposed to be super cold tonight into tomorrow night. I can deal with it since I leave your Tucson on Monday morning!

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