12 thoughts on “February 15, 2020: Grade A Love-Em-Up”

  1. Valentine's Day at the joint yesterday. Busiest day since the first month we were open. Busiest dinner shift ever (5 years). Longest ticket time was 21 minutes, which is just an insane performance by my kitchen staff. Luckily, we were able to schedule the "A" team and it paid off. Only down side is I feel I am getting a little old to run my tail off for 14 hours straight. Did sneak off with the wife after the last rush and had a nice dinner and glass of wine at my previous employer's restaurant. Overall a good day! One last shift today before I head south for the week.

  2. Looked closer at next year's Ft. Myers vacation, and we are there late enough to probably catch some games. Besides home games, also in reach are away games with Red Sox (Ft. Myers, but will most certainly sell out), Rays (Port Charlotte, 1hr away), and Braves (Sarasota, 2hrs away). I've been to Port Charlotte, which was a nice ballpark. And if I don't get to any games, the practice fields are hopping most every morning. Might be tough to do since I'll be working, but I might have to steal away for a couple hours anyway.

  3. In LaLa for the weekend. We were hoping to meet up with the Boy and his gf before they went off to celebrate Valentine's day. Unfortunately, she had the temerity to come down with acute appendicitis.

    She is home after surgery last night. We hope to drop by today with a load of trashy magazines for her.

  4. Just finished The Good Place.

    Not sure how I feel. Happy and sad all at once. Which, I suppose, is precisely what they were going for. I'm reminded of a few other finales, in very good ways. Lost, and DS9 come immediately to mind.

    Good stuff.

    I'm looking forward to whatever Michael Schur decides to do next.

    1. We just started last week, halfway through season one. I have to keep telling myself to disregard logic in relation to plot development and just have fun, but we’re enjoying it.

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