February 20, 2020: Excavation

I saw we had a lot of stuff in the fridge last night, so after digging through it, I made 4 different dishes just trying to use stuff up. I don’t think I would have been capable of that just a few years ago.

30 thoughts on “February 20, 2020: Excavation”

  1. So I was just consulting with my supervisor about a client (and other clients) who I'm struggling with, and as it turned out I had butt dialed that client and she heard the entire consult, my frustration and all.

    How's everyone else's day going?

    1. Vendor apparently canceled an order for one of my customers which I didn't know about, an order already held up for a whole other headache of a reason. Customer was expecting it shortly and I got to tell them they have to wait a few more months. That's been fun.

    2. Thanks for the perspective...pretty good, all things considered. My coworker made me a cake because it was my birthday last week. He somehow incorporated apple, vanilla pudding, apple Crown, and a spiced rum frosting.

    3. How do butt-dials even happen?

      My phone is in a case (book-style), which I close before putting in a pocket, and I have password protection.

      Not dogging anyone. I just don't understand the mechanics.

        1. Or leave Siri enabled. I butt dialed my wife while helping with my son's baseball practice a couple of weekends ago. She listened to the whole thing, and then started texting me back a transcript of everything I said. "Good job, Bryan, good job!" "Dante's running on this on, ok?" "There you go, right up the middle, keep going, keep going!" etc.

            1. My dad was regularly butt dialing my wife a few years back. He eventually discovered that he was telling someone "no" but the voice activation on the phone heard him and would call "Mo". He disabled voice activation after that.

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