20 thoughts on “February 23, 2020: Jolted”

  1. I missed that the Twins had Drew Maggi. I remember when he was coming up through the Pittsburgh organization at the same time as Gift Ngoepe. Sometimes Gift would bat first and Maggi would bat second.

  2. While waiting at CVS for an Rx to be filled, I looked over and saw the supplement aisle was BOGO Free thru 3/7 for 95% of the products on the aisle.

    Either 1) they have a lot on inventory and need to clear it out or 2) the margins are stupid crazy and they could sell it for any price or 3) they jacked the prices before the BOGO deal, or ??

    I used to get fish pills (Trader Joes' are burp-free), and sometimes in the past we've gotten CalMag, VitC, and Zinc. I wonder if Cinnamon is cheaper at the grocery store...

      1. I am self-medicating with both fish oil (500 mg of Omega-3s twice per day) and turmeric (1500 mg curcuminoids and 5 mg Bioperine twice per day) in addition to twice-daily naproxen sodium.

        I like to think that these help keep my NSAID consumption to a minimum. I think it's true, but can't prove it.

        1. I read a book a while back (China Study, by T. Campbell) where the main thrust of the book is that meat/casein causes "Western" diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.).

          In the book, however, they had a section about supplements, and how they don't work as the human body has developed pathways to get these nutrients from food, not bulk pills; 95% of these tablets go straight thru your body via your urine.

          1. There is some evidence base for anti-inflammatory effects for both mentioned supplements. Not much (yet) for reducing clinical risks.

            But certainly, the human body is pretty impressively self-regulating. I take a daily multi even though I know that most of that gets peed out.

            1. So the older brother works in designing/building waste-water treatment facilities for large cities.

              Me: Does all this stuff people take into their bodies and pee out into water treatment facilities - does it get filtered out before it comes back into our drinking water?
              He: No.
              Me: Like opioids, birth control medication? Could we become drug-addicted, sterile, etc. at some point?
              He: Yes.

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