41 thoughts on “February 27, 2020: ↑·↑·↓·↓·←·→·←·→·B·A·START”

  1. FSNorth and the other FSRegionals are going away from YouTube TV

    1. I use Dish, and this blackout was garbage last year. And it remains so. If MLB was truly looking to grow the sport, ending blackouts so that the many people across the county impacted by these carriage disputes would do a hell of a lot more than any of the cockamamie ideas they’ve thrown out.

      1. Exactly. One of the reasons I went to YouTubeTV. If MLB was smart, they'd drop the price of the MLB package and kill the blackouts. They'd make a killing in new subscribtions.

        1. I went to Hulu Live last summer as I noticed that Disney owns Hulu and the FSN regional sports networks. I assume that these carriage issues are related to them trying to boost subscriptions to Hulu. I thought about taking a stand against such shenanigans but then Letterkenny.

    1. Span edged Galarraga's 1988 season. Galarraga had the same number of hits but one fewer at bat. Dawson's 1983 season had 189 hits but many more at bats, so he failed to top .300. But we can go back farther and Campaneris rode the pitcher's year of 1968 to 177 hits and a .276 average.

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