FMD 02/28/2020: New (Old) Music

The joePod needs some new tunes, however, I'm not talking new releases. For example, a recent addition was a 14 year old Neko Case album. What isn't on the joePod, but should be?

Drop some lists while you're at it.

25 thoughts on “FMD 02/28/2020: New (Old) Music”

  1. I listened to "Singles Going Steady" from the Buzzcocks and "Jailbreak" from Thin Lizzy at work yesterday.

    I would recommend both of those if they're not there already.

          1. "Boys Are Back in Town"? yeah, it's a little over used.

            It's at least the 3rd best song, if not lower.

            Cowboy Song
            Romeo and the Lonely Girl

            Are my rough order

          2. Consider this your second chance. Start at the beginning. From their self-titled debut:

            And while I have certainly tired of some really cool songs over the years due to massive overplay, "The Boys are Back in Town" is remarkably not one of them.

  2. 01. "En Gallop!" – Joanna NewsomWalnut Whales
    02. "Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer" – Stevie WonderWhere I'm Coming From
    03. "I'll Buy" – The ReplacementsTim
    04. "The Ballad Of The Costa Concordia" – Car Seat HeadrestTeens Of Denial
    05. "Catfish" – WaxahatcheeAmerican Weekend
    06. "Leaving L.A." – Tobias Jesso Jr.Goon
    07. "I Am Crazy" – ThundercatDrunk
    08. "At The Zoo" – Simon & GarfunkelBookends
    09. "This Time" – TanukichanSundays
    10. "I Don't Want Love" – The AntlersBurst Apart

  3. Holy crap this is in my wheelhouse. Don't know what is on your music list so here's uneducated suggestions. Let me know if you want more info:

    Redd Kross
    Guided By Voices
    The Wedding Present
    Patty Griffin
    Lucinda Williams
    Belle and Sebastian
    Teenage Fanclub
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Built to Spill
    Beta Band
    My Bloody Valentine
    Diarrhea Planet
    The Feelies
    Gang of Four
    Ike Reilly
    The Jam
    Jonathan Richman
    Matthew Sweet
    Nick Cave
    Young Fresh Fellows
    Yo La Tengo

    1. I haven't looked, but I'm just going to assume that these are all of the GBV albums released between April 2004 and October 2004. With maybe a couple Pollard solo projects too.

    2. Lotta solid stuff there, free (looks again, scratches head, Wolfmother?!)

      Older things that might appeal:
      Small Faces
      Fairport Convention
      Roy Harper
      Brian Eno
      Robert Wyatt
      13th Floor Elevators
      Sir Douglas Quintet
      Terry Reid

      80's, 90's, 00's stuff that still gets listens from me
      Talk Talk
      Aimee Mann
      Super Furry Animals
      Trashcan Sinatras
      13 Engines
      Ted Leo
      Richard Buckner

      In an effort to keep my response shorter than Dean's I'll stop here.

      1. Going back to this whole post again... (AMR, you might dig this if you missed it)

        I think I got Split Milk on your recommendation years back. Went through it a few times and liked it, but didn't give it enough play.

  4. 1. May You Never--Eric Clapton
    2. Almost Like a Song--Ronnie Milsap
    3. Pilot of the Airwaves--Charlie Dore
    4. Somebody's Baby--Jackson Browne
    5. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters--Elton John
    6. Dreamboat Annie--Heart
    7. Mandolin Rain--Bruce Hornsby
    8. I'd Really Love to See You Tonight--England Dan and John Ford Coley
    9. I Made It Through the Rain--Barry Manilow
    10. What's Forever For--Michael Martin Murphey

  5. The Field Mice should be on there. All their songs were compiled into the reissues of their three full lengths. They’re so good.

    A few others that I really love: the pAper chAse, The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, The Icarus Line, Joggers, Clipd Beaks.

  6. This whole post is a good example of why I come here, and one that I’ll need to revisit a dozen times to get through the recommendations.

    Here’s the thing though. Whenever I get a band recommended (but no songs or albums), I worry that if the first song that turns up doesn’t grab me, I’ll shut it down and miss out on something ... or I’ll listen to a lot of their stuff hoping for gold and then not ever get to the other options being offered.

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