23 thoughts on “March 4, 2020: Kinda Meh Wednesday”

    1. I thought that was who it was, but the "Donruss 2005" confused me. Some sort of special historic series or something?

        1. I like it.

          I'm starting to buy more packs now that Newbish is into it, and I feel like the hobby has more fun than it ever did back when I was collecting in the junk wax era. The inserts are fun and the photographs are fantastic.

          1. It's pricey, though. Thank God my local card shop owner is great, so I don't have to buy a cr@pton of cards and weed through them for the Twins, plus have a good trading network.

            Topps Opening Day set comes out today, and is priced (better) for young card buyers.

            1. Yeah, I'm not looking at getting any sort of big collection going or anything, but I'm pretty pumped for the Opening Day set.

  1. The Rangers plan to be in contention with Danny Santana as their primary CF. I'm sure this will end well for them. He's only 29! I'm sure his OPS+ of 55 from 2015-18 was just a lot of bad luck. And I'm sure his .353 BABIP last year and his 15.9% HR/FB are totally sustainable. And I'm sure his -7.2 UZR/150 in CF will improve with more playing time experience.

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