60 thoughts on “2020 WGOM Draft: Round 14”

    1. Honestly, I know he gets a lot of flack from the SABR crowd, but I think that the best relievers ought to be in the hall of fame, and Sutter was one of the very best relievers of his era.

      I don't really have a problem with him being in the hall.

          1. monopsonistic

            That's the second time this week, and in my life, encountering this word.

            1. I knew there was a word to describe that condition in the marketplace, but I can never remember what it is. I just call them "inverse monopolies"

  1. Sorry, my excuse this week is that I was curling all weekend and didn't really have any time to make a pick.

    So, to fill out my starting rotation I am going to take a guy who was both pretty good and left an undeniable mark on the game.

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  2. I'm going to fill up pretty much my entire bench in one pick (he even played several seasons at shortstop in case Ripken somehow misses time).

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    (His defense is what got him the nod over Ben Zobrist)

    1. I thought this was going to be someone else and was steeling myself to be disappointed. So, yea!

  3. What my team badly needs is some inner-circle facial hair.

    Round 14, Pick 6 SelectShow
  4. I am gonna gamble on some key utility guys and relievers hanging around a while longer so I can take this guy as my fourth OFer

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    15th all-time in rWAR for CFers, 16th in WAR7. 4 AS games, 8 Fielding Grammies, 125 OPS+. Zero black ink for his career, and his 5 best rWAR seasons were in his 30s (ages 30-34), which raises some Vitamin S questions. But a left-handed, power-hitting, good glove CFer as a backup and possible platoon DH? Sure, why not?

  5. I think I'll pick up a first baseman and move The Big Hurt to DH.

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    A heck of a hitter, both for power and average (18th all time in OPS, though that admittedly came in Denver during the height of the offensive explosion). He also walked more than he struck out. He's also 2nd in zone runs as a first baseman, and won the fielding grammy three times.

  6. FYI, I'm doing the best I can keeping up with entering names in the spreadsheet or slotting people into certain positions. If you're able to go in and add those yourself, all the better. More importantly, if you do go in please update both sheets (roster and draft board)

    1. I'm disproportionately proud of my contribution to the spreadsheet - the ↓ / ↑ for the order of each round

      1. Frank Viola was missed on socal's roster so I added him. I hope that's the only player missing. I was looking at drafting a starter and happened to off-hand remember that selection.

  7. Bench guy SelectShow

    He played corner outfield, first base and second base, and seems to have been slightly above average at all of them. He hit over .400 three seasons, and was the first to win batting titles in both the NL and AL (well, he maybe won the AL title in 1902- details are somewhat sketchy). He became the most prominent member of the largest group of siblings ever to play in the major leagues: brothers Frank, Jim, Joe and Tom also spent time in the majors.
    He died after getting kicked off a train for being drunk and falling into the Niagara River and going over Niagara Falls, which is a terrible but yet somehow fitting end.

    1. I had no idea who your pick was until you got to "Got blind drunk, kicked off the train, and fell over Niagara Falls"

      Can you spoiler a YT vid?

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      1. Can you spoiler a YT vid?

        Yes, but the YouTube URL must be on its own line. This won't work: [spoiler]https://www.youtube.com/...[/spoiler]
        But this will:


  8. One of my all-time favorite unofficial nicknames. Was this from Batgirl originally? I think it was either that, or Fire Joe Morgan. Either way, I'm going with:

    The Captain SelectShow
    1. Definitely Batgirl. I still remember her haiku:

      Captain Cheeseburger,
      You are fat and butt ugly.
      Don't eat Nick Punto.

            1. That's often been a response when people ask me why I got into social work. It's not a calling. I just discovered I'm good at it.

  9. Spoiler SelectShow

    I can't say I'm surprised this player is still out there. I don't really know how to evaluate a player from before integration, much less before 1900. But his black ink is 79. I don't care what environment you drop him in, that's a guy who is absolutely going to mash. He has a career OPS of .943, 24th best of all time. Throw in 257 career SB, and what looks like projected good range in the field (though only a .970 fielding %), he seems like a good fit as a 1B/DH guy.

    1. A lot of the turn of the 20th century types get overlooked because of how different the game was, but honestly, if you're hitting over .350 and drawing walks, that will be valuable in any era. Plus, imagine how much better they could hit using a bat instead of what looks like a sawed-off shovel handle.

    2. I have had him as a potential for about 4 rounds before always finding someone else. He really was the best hitter of his era, full stop.

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