March 5, 2020: Be Right Back

The Deep Space Network will be shut down for about 11 months to make repairs and upgrades in preparation for future Mars missions. During that time, we will have precious little communication with Voyager 2. Stay safe out there, little buddy!

10 thoughts on “March 5, 2020: Be Right Back”

  1. Today's fascinating dispatch from the book world:

    1. Not to get too deep into the woods here, but I can't believe that the same company that released Farrow's book wouldn't see the problem in releasing this one.

      1. I . . . yeah. Farrow's book was published by a different imprint*, so there was a different team making the decision to acquire and publish, but still.

        *An imprint is the company name listed on the book's spine. Big publishers all operate multiple imprints, and imprints generally operate fairy autonomously though certainly they share centralized supervision at a high level.

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