40 thoughts on “March 21, 2020: Gimme Shelter In Place”

  1. A storm is threatening my very life today. If I don’t get some shelter, oo yeah I’m gonna fade away.

  2. My wife is a licensed RN who hasn’t worked in about 10 years. Yesterday Walz said they will tap into the Medical Reserve Corps, which is a thing I’d never heard of before. MN version: https://www.mnresponds.org. In any case, she is not going to sign up, but we’re fully expecting she’ll get a call at some point from Mayo (where she worked). While we are nervous about it, when the call comes she will answer.

    Separately, I am considering volunteering at the local food shelf. With the new orders and information coming out daily, this has been a surprisingly challenging conversation. My wife is going full “momma bear” and preferring I don’t make any decision that may put our immediate family at higher risk of contracting the disease. She looks at her situation as a moral obligation, but this choice as a risky, unnecessary choice. I totally understand her viewpoint, but when I see that the food shelf has had to send all of their volunteers home (they’re all older, retired folk) it feels a bit like a moral obligation to me as a person with some time on my hands and in a relatively low risk life situation. We will continue talking about it today.

    1. One of our former nurses left four years ago to open a yoga studio. She asked to come back to work for us three days ago and we hired her on the spot. She doesn't have kids or grandparents living with her so probably an easier choice.

        1. Yup. In normal times im bitter about going to school for six more years to make less than nurses, but most of my work right now can be done over the phone. Our nurses have no choice but to go out. The meeting can be 2 minutes to give an injection or drop off meds, but they still have to go out

    2. I have the urge as well, but have had to tamp it down. My world is a dizzying kaleidoscope of distractions and right now I have 60 employees I am trying to help now and to ensure they have a job in the future. It is difficult, as when I see a need my tendency is to run and help. So it's been frustrating and exhausting to pull myself back to the task at hand. I love the fact that many of you all have that same tendency to be part of the solution.

      1. Just want to affirm that it seems to me you are making the right decision. You have many in your care and you are doing good work by them. Thank you!

    3. Likewise, I am about to reach out on the Food Shelf volunteer thing. Ours is very dependent on senior volunteers. We don't have kids at home anymore, so are pretty much ideally situated to help

      My office is now on almost complete lockdown. We have set up a rotation to have one manager on site to answer the phones and pick up the mail.

      One complication is that I am about to hire a new IT guy. It will be tough onboarding new staff with everyone working remotely.

        1. Waiting to hear back. I just learned that their storage space in the basement of a local church was broken into and ransacked earlier this week. People really, really suck sometimes.

          I just made a money donation. That may be the most important thing right now.

  3. I am feeling like I should find a way to do something for others right now--I've reached out to a couple of friends to check on them (one has very serious health issues and the other lives in SF and I'm worried she might have lost her job). Last night I found a pattern for sewing fabric masks, and I might see if that's something I can get going on at some point this weekend.

    The boys had a bunch of fights and meltdowns yesterday, so I'm also aiming for more peace and harmony at home. (More on that in Monday's pandemic parenting post...)

    1. My wife is working on some of this. Seems so strange that a medical facility would want our home made crafts for protection. But they do, right? Because otherwise this would be a futile exercise?...

      1. I did some further reading last night, and it's not entirely clear how helpful homemade masks are, though it does sound like they could be used in some situations not related to COVID-19 in order to preserve supplies for the situations where they're essential. I'm going to ask my sister (who is a doctor in a clinic) when I get a chance.

    2. My skill set definitely runs more to the "dealing with economic/legal/practical fallout" than the "provision of goods/services/health care" I've helped the communities I represent to put into place response plans to keep necessary services running, and I'm keeping my doors open (by phone/online as much as possible, but some has to be in-person) to help people with whatever they might need. But mostly, I feel kind of useless during this time. My wife has been big in the school's response, so that's helping assuage some of my guilt about not doing more. Also, I made a silly NCAA replacement. That's about the extent of my usefulness.

  4. Day 2 of the Replacement NCAA Bracket is here. There are 2 polls to take today, and whether or not you've submitted a bracket, you can feel free to take a survey (and/or have others you know take it). Please vote for whatever item you honestly prefer.

    Poll #1

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  5. In LA today:

    One of LA’s most prominent chefs, Nancy Silverton, announced that she was turning one of her restaurants on Melrose Avenue into a relief center for laid-off restaurant workers that would provide 300 high-quality meals every night for the next two weeks, paid for by the whiskey company Maker’s Mark, along with a variety of household essentials.

  6. If you’re looking for ways to help, call your local Red Cross chapter and make an appointment to give blood. Supplies are starting to run low. There are some restrictions (no fevers, no international travel in past 28 days) but if you can you should. It’s a good excuse for getting out of the house.

    1. ☝️

      Particularly if you are O-neg.

      The Mrs is, but has been turned away several times due to low iron.

  7. Did a quick outing to pick up a couple necessities and ordered Subway using their app from the parking lot out front. I was disappointed by the number of folks out, and not even trying to practice social distancing. I guess our fair state doesn't have a high enough count to merit serious measures. It is the Show Me State after all :/

    1. I’m overhauling the basement toilet and needed some parts so made a quick hardware store run. I opted for the neighborhood Ace because family-owned. Breezed in, hit the plumbing aisle and started browsing parts when the clerk walked up and asked me what I was looking for. From about a foot away. I backed off a few steps and he immediately closed the gap, so I had to tell him, “Six feet, please.” He gave me a funny look like he thought I was accusing him of having leprosy, but he kept his distance.

      1. Come down the river where they’ve closed everything and rumors are swirling about curfews, and yet people get right up on you and all up in your business. Lots of folks not taking it serious.

      2. I had a meeting on Friday where we are meeting off site. The guy I was meeting had a full mask with filters and everything. Then he stuck out his bare hand to shake. I said, I'm not shaking your hand.

  8. Merriam-Webster is here for us.

  9. We just participated in a Zoom havdalah service after saying all the Shabbat blessings with the in-laws (both parents- and sister-/brother-) yesterday. Last night, my family had a Zoom call for two hours collectively drinking and chatting. What a strange time to be alive.

    1. We just drank on the porch with our best friends for two hours via interneting. They live 6 blocks away. Very strange times.

    2. It was organized by the group Sheenie is in with which we will (might?) be making that Israel/ Ukraine trip which is Twin Cities Jews of all denominations.

  10. For anyone curious how the tournament is going, here is the bracket after Round 1: Link.

    Also, I've done a WGOM scoreboard. It is entirely possible, given real names, that I've missed someone who was entered in that is a WGOMer. If so, shoot me an e-mail. Thanks.

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