26 thoughts on “March 28, 2020: No Clue”

  1. Yesterday we learned that my mother-in-law's cousin's husband passed away from COVID-19. He was in his 80s and he and his wife had returned from a trip to Spain in early March. They hadn't told most of the family he was ill, so it came as a bit of a shock. While I never met him, Mr. NaCl has many fond memories of him from family reunions.

  2. My institution has apparently emailed all students to notify them that it has received reports of students who traveled (disregarding stern warnings) for spring break beginning to test positive for COVID-19. (Faculty & staff have not yet been notified.) Moving the entire instructional enterprise online was disruptive & difficult, but essential.

    On a related note, this was disconcerting:

    1. Oh, that's horrifying.

      What happens with the students who get sick in terms of their classes? Do they need to request excused absences or drop classes or . . . ?

      1. The drop deadline has been extended essentially up to the time of final exams. The provost has also announced a special COVID-19 pass/fail grade* that students can opt into after final grades are posted. For travelers to break destinations, I’m struggling with a personal opinion that leans more judgmental, given the extensive communication they received ahead of break.

        * So far, this is a specific COVID-19 grade. Given this grade created new academic policy, I asked why we aren’t writing a policy for a more generalized “calamity pass/fail,” which could be pulled off the shelf in the event of other disasters in the future. The answer was, “I don’t think we’ve thought that far ahead.”

        1. We are doing something similar as far as extending the drop deadline. My understanding is students will be allowed to drop until the end of the semester, and quite possibly even after the final grades are in.

          We are also offering no-fault drops: students who drop due to COVID-19 related issues will not have it show up on their transcript, they will get tuition refunds, and it will not count as an attempt (students can only attempt a class 3 times.

  3. Thanks to the folks who tipped us to Jelle's Marble Runs. Over last night and this afternoon, I and the three younger kids watched the 2019 Marblelympics.
    Starting with the first race, each of us had a different favorite team. I liked the Hazers, HPR the Green Ducks, AJR the Raspberry Racers, and LBR the Pinkies.
    It was a lot of fun as more than one of those teams was in contention for the overall title late in the program.

    But then we tried watching the 2018 Winter Marblelympics, and it seemed a bit disappointing. Their production values have increased so much in the one year.
    We should try other 2019 races.

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