Twins Top Moments Tournament: 1987-2019


Philo's "fun" bracket (I mean, the beach, WTF?) as well as Jeff's rewind wrapping up has inspired me to create my own bracket. Heck, we need even more things to get us through this shitstorm, and baseball distractions are the best. The reason I'm going from 1987 on is that my first baseball memories start there, and that's similar for many of us here. Allison's diving catch is awesome, but most of us didn't live it and the old-timers would be at a disadvantage. Here's the set-up:

• 64 seed bracket
• Moments are from games that matter. So, you won't see Puckett's memorial service or Jason Morneau winning the home-run derby.
• For the most part, moments will also be individual achievements or individual games. So you likely won't see "Shannon Stewart propels Twins to division title."
• I will make at least one post per day (probably more at times) with a seeded match-up. I'll include videos if I can find them. You guys can discuss and vote. I'll keep polls open as long as possible within the same round so people can come back and vote if they miss a few days.
• I have intentionally left every #11 seed empty. The #6/#11 matchups will be saved for last, and at that time you all can nominate some #11 seeds. If we get a lot of good nominations, I will consider doing "play-in" games for the #11 seeds.
• The bracket will not be public until the end of the 1st round. The four "regions" are Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek, Johan Santana, and Joe Mauer. Generally I tried to keep moments within the same careers of each of those four players, but I couldn't do that in every instance.
• The seeding itself is not necessarily my own personal preference. In some cases moments were seeded higher because the moments were more famous or were high on public lists I reviewed. Though to be sure, all of my personal favorites are in the bracket somewhere.

The first post will likely be on Sunday.

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