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  1. I'm not able to sleep in any day, but I am able to lay in bed on Saturday mornings, do I'll embrace that.

    Mrs Runner and I are watching Ford v Ferrari sometime today, and we have another big family video chat this evening, otherwise I'll be looking for house projects, I guess. Rain this morning may have quashed any yardwork plans.

    1. I'm not able to sleep in any day, but I am able to lay in bed on Saturday mornings, do I'll embrace that.

      I seem to be the opposite. I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Seems to be a weekend thing. ☹️

  2. The Athletic did a piece on batters that terrorized each team. The AL version was Thursday and had three categories: the guy that did best with at least 150 PAs, the guy that did it over 300+ PAs, and the below-average utility player that somehow destroyed the team.

    I checked the other teams if any Twins terrorized them. It wasn't a long list. Laudner won the super-utility against Cleveland. A career .255/.292/.391 hit .276/.328/.559 when playing versus Cleveland. Guzmán did the same for Detroit, hitting .319/.361/.505 against them. Gómez, mostly not with the Twins but still happened with them, earned the super-utility label against the Angels, batting .289/.374/.522.

    Mostly this was to look up who did it against the Twins. The answer was not a surprise.

    Spoiler SelectShow

    The leader hit .395/.487/.852.

  3. Ok, I don't know how long it's been in rotation, or if it is new, but the 2019 Twins Spray Chart banner is the bomb! Whoever crafted it, nice work! Love it!

      1. Heh.

        This seems like a good time to mention that one of the sillier reasons I liked Hrbek was that he was a right-handed throwing first baseman. I don’t know why that mattered very much, other than it distinguished him from Mattingly, who I thought got more attention than he deserved in comparison to Hrbie.

        1. I found my old airport express, and updated the firm ware, and now have a fakey mesh. I realize that doesn’t help you.

          As to ru’s snark, I’m wondering what if any action will be taken in the future to ensure competition in the online retail and delivery market in light of the new normal.

          1. We stopped caring about monopolies when Reagan was elected. But considering the antagonistic relationship of the chief executives involved, if any US business became a breakup target it would be Amazon.

          2. I don't foresee politicians campaigning this year on retail and delivery reform, but I am a cynic these days. IMO, it would be fantastic to have a public alternative to Amazon's third-party marketplace, similar to how USPS is a public alternative to UPS, FedEx, etc. Even if we decided to, say, break up Amazon to create competition in that sector, the baby Amazons would likely eventually consolidate because there are some efficiencies in being larger in logistics/fulfillment.

            1. Amazon, while it is of questionable moral value to many of its employees, provides huge value to consumers. And, as ubes implies, that's founded on some real things. The most obvious is network effects (which enables it to squeeze the bejeebus out of many sellers because of its reach -- you should hear the Roommate bitch about how it shoves ebook pricing down the throats of publishers and creators).

              But Amazon's network effects are not Facebook's network effects. There aren't the kind of barriers to entry in online shopping "malls" that would protect Amazon from competition in the way Facebook enjoys the fact that soooo many people are on their platform, enjoying each other's presence on the platform. That's a huge coordination problem to get enough people to leave FB for another platform to induce people to want to move. Even Google couldn't pull that off.

              Amazon doesn't have that. FB itself poses a threat. Google poses a threat. Other retailers, such as Walmart, pose a threat.

              I'm fine with people not wanting to shop on Amazon if they don't want to. But it is hard to deny that they provide a lot of value to a lot of consumers.

            1. Been using eBay forever, early on it was THE place for DIY PC build components but the auction only format limited my enthusiasm. Buy It Now was a huge game changer for them as a full service online marketplace.

        1. Is the office on a different floor? And what kind of walls? The construction of the house matters a lot for placement. I generally prefer a mesh-style setup because the APs only need to be plugged into outlets suitably far apart.

          1. But I don't want to spend several hundred bucks on a mesh setup. The desktop machine (with the Realtek WiFi card plugged in) has an excellent connection. The upstairs TV has an excellent connection. My only considerations are how to get get better throughput in my upstairs home office and, maybe, how to extend the wifi to the back yard patio (someday).

            1. Someone else in this thread had an idea how to avoid paying retail prices. But, you missed the primary point: in order for anyone to make suggestions we need data. We're trying to solve an equation but missing too many variables. I will continue to suggest the pricey option because it works, including ability to cover the patio without the data.

              Two other devices in the same room have acceptable reception so time to track down why. They could have a better antenna, or not a bad one, or it could be orientation. I wouldn't be surprised if they're on the 2.4 GHz band, that travels farther but lower bandwidth, while the laptop is trying on the 5 GHz band, that has far superior bandwidth but lower propagation. Load an app on your phone and start walking around. If it's that, then an 802.11ac, or Wifi 6, receiver won't help unless it has a much better antenna.

  4. I’ve decided to get my tech on and turn an old Dell D640 laptop that currently runs Linux Mint into a faux Chromebook using the Neverware CloudReady OS. I think there’s a dual boot option so I’m gonna try that first since I haven’t done a disc partition in awhile and need a refresher. I also found a hacker guide for running Call Of Duty on Windows 10, so I think I’ll give that a shot as well. I’m also looking for a repurposing project for our old iPhone 4’s.

      1. I’m thinking one will get coupled with the Chromecast as a streaming device/remote for the downstairs Vizio that uses the obsolete Yahoo! App Store do we can ditch Comcast cable and go to YouTube TV and Hulu. The other may become a HUD navigation device for the car, or a virtual reality viewer with Google Cardboard.

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