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  1. I think my favorite First Ave performance was Janelle Monae when she opened for Of Montreal back around 2009ish. For having pretty much no budget, she created an experience. It was clear back then just how much she had a distinctive vision. (Plus, it's fun to be there when you know Prince is lurking backstage.)

    Sadly, I have no idea what my first show was. When I moved back in November 2006, I probably saw about 15 shows that first year, so it would be one of those.

    1. I think the first time I drove to First Ave from peterville was for the Descendents show in 1996. That was a great show, and i found a 20 dollar bill on the floor - big money-. I broke my ankle in the Main Room sometime in the summer of 97, and had to move into my dorm at UMD with crutches and a brace. I still remember pushing my way into the pit and having someone come down hard on my ankle. We finished the show, and I hobbled back to the car where I got my boot off. I couldn't believe the colors my skin had turned. My brother drove home, and the next day I couldn't stand up. Good times.

      I think one of the best shows I saw there was the Elliot Smith show in 1999. Dr. Chop and I were newly dating and we both could see the stage (for her it's a big deal as she is vertically challenged). Fugazi also put on a master class in the post punk hardcore era sometime in the late 90s early 2000s.

    2. You moved back in 2006? I definitely had it in my head you were out East later than that.

    3. First for me was a 2005 Rilo Kiley show. Best was probably a TMBG concert I went to with my sister. I'm realizing I haven't actually been to 1st Ave as many times as I think of myself having been there - I think my mind has merged all of the concerts I've seen at 1st Ave and the 9:30 club into a single hybrid venue.

      1. I just realized I conflated most of the shows I saw at the Entry into the Main Room somehow. Though, I think I saw every Dillinger 4 show in the Main Room....

        1. I doubt that because I saw Dillinger 4 in the main room a few years ago when they were the musical act for F1rst Wrestling, and I didn't see you there!

    4. I've actually only ever been to First Ave once - Explosions in the Sky in 2016.

      I had wanted to go to THS shows but no dice.

    5. I don't remember my first show. Probably Ben Folds?

      My favorite show was probably Tenacious D. So them during their rise to fame. Show was awesome. And I don't think too many people have seen them live, which makes me feel special. 🙂

      My most memorable was Ben Folds with Duncan Sheik opening. The sad part is that all of my memories were about drinking a bit too much and being kind of a dick. For instance, I'm sure I was a pain to the people who were there to see Duncan Sheik since he was a former one-hit wonder on his way down. Usually I wouldn't be one to be proud or happy about such experiences, but for whatever reason this was a happy experience.

    6. I'm fairly certain my first show at First Avenue was the first night Ween played there in 2003. The second night there was maybe my favorite show in the Mainroom. Even though the set wasn't as good as the first night, I didn't have people kicking me or burning me with cigarettes while I tried to enjoy the show. It's hard to pick, though. That one, Raveonettes/Autolux in 2005, or seeing Neutral Milk Hotel or Sleater-Kinney with J were wayyy up there.

      But to be honest I like the Entry more than the Mainroom, and The Wrens in 2004 there is probably my favorite show ever.

  2. The peperoncino is eating his breakfast at the back door (which has a big window) and keeping tabs on all the animals coming and going at the bird feeders. It's better than television!

    1. Next time, I plan to log in as a different WGOMer. I realized the missed opportunity after we shut down last night. Since so many of us don't actually know what each other look like, I could easily have pretended to be, I dunno, DPWY or sean or Pepper or something, right? Who would be the wiser?

        1. Exchange last night:

          Rhu: My hip surgery made me taller.
          Phil: I might have to look into this...

        1. We had that fun, actually, although we'd have recognized thanks to Facebook (and prior in-person meet-ups with others). I've never seen Pepper, so you might have gotten away with that.

          It was nice just to talk -- no topics, just chat. If there ever ended up being too many pregnant pauses, we'll have to have some grenades ready to throw into the discussion. Or I could mount a phone on the top of the robovac and have it give a random virtual tour. Whatever.

  3. Spent the weekend working around the house with my daughter. When you travel as much as I do, things can pile up. I'm hoping to clear out a lot of undone things during this time. I have heard that Miss SBG won't do things, but I've found that with the proper motivation, she will work just fine. Proper motivation does not include threats or bribery, by the way. I think she's in a good spot mentally right now despite the ever increasing length of time that she's shut in. So, I'm happy about that. Plus, she's getting work done along with me and learning.

    1. The Getty Challenge was a great way for Honest Abe to get his creative juices flowing. You may want to let her know about it (even if she just wants to peruse photos of others).

    2. The stay at home mandate is starting to hit home now (pun intended). With Oak allergy season, it means stay at home and stay indoors, other than brief dashes to mow the law or garden setup. Maddening.

  4. Neighbor texted that his internet went down (Spectrum?); when I saw him at lunch while mowing the lawn, I suggested he try our guest network, and checking the network app I see he's there -- 22 active devices, baby!

  5. This is a TV report about my big brother, who broadcasts high school baseball in Ashland, Nebraska. With no games to cover this year, he's doing recreations instead.

    1. Doing the play by play? Recreating old games? Assuming all the unplayed games are going to be wins?

      It's almost like the two of you are related!

    1. I chose him for the Tigers in my Favorite MLB Players list this weekend. Thought about Trammell and Denny McClain, but Al won out.

  6. I'm hosting a poker game tonight at 830pm via Zoom (Room opens at 8) and Pokerstars.net. Shoot me an email at eschapp+poker(at)gmail.com if you are interested in joining and I'll send you the information.

    Tournament Style, $10 buy w/ 2 rebuys at $5. Winner takes all. Pokerstars moves pretty quick so if we finish too fast we might set up a second tournament or regular table game.

  7. I don't know if you guys did this already but here's my favorite player/team - some of the oldies are because I had their cards (Rojas):

    Spoiler SelectShow
  8. First First Ave show - Replacements, 1982.

    I don’t do favorite shows. Some amazing memories:

    Meat Puppets doing a rip your face off version of Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll
    Liz Phair’s smile
    Guys bro-hugging during GBVs Smothered in Hugs
    Feeling my wive’s presence during GBVs Glad Girls
    Jonathan Richman serenading me and wife on 4th anniversary
    Drunken Ike Reilly before Thanksgiving shows
    20 minutes Built to Spill jams
    Hüsker Dü so loud my ears are still bleeding
    Doomtree Blowout with my son

    There are literally dozens more. And that’s just the main room. I have just as many from 7th Street.

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