42 thoughts on “April 13, 2020: Lentovers”

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        1. I think he's the guy who supplied Adrianza with whatever info he's using to blackmail his way into the starting job.

          1. I get the feeling that people think they need to make random transactions and personnel* choices to be more realistic, regardless of the logic in the decisions

            *did I spell this wrong? why does spell check not recognize it?

  1. For those keeping score, we've had 2 WGOM Digital Caucus and 5 total Citizens participating for a 3.5 person average. I think we all know who that .5 person is.

  2. I'm on for guest DJ next week but not feeling in the mood right now. Anybody want to trade months with me? Or just take it?

    1. Is there a schedule posted somewhere? I'm not sure when my week is but I'd be okay with swapping.

      1. Okay, your call, Beau. If you want to swap I'll take it, if you just want to concede it free can have it.

  3. So, I actually sold a couple of albums to Steve Wozniak last night via the amazons. Yeah, it's that Steve Wozniak, checked out the address, it's a pretty nice house.

    1. More sad news. I really, really hope the South Korea reports of recovered patients becoming reinfected turn out to be due to faulty testing and not rapid mutation.

      1. Or, not faulty testing per se, but rather false negatives from earlier so that the positives now are just continuations. Or they are false positives.

        We really have so little info about the sensitivity (true positive rate) and specificity (true negative rate) of these tests.

  4. Our friend's teenage kid was hospitalized this weekend because she had created a plan to end her life. She reached out to her counselor who in turn reached out to our friends which resulted in a psych eval and hospitalization. Very scary. Very sad. I love that kid so much. I love my friends so much, but there's no hugging or just hanging out to comfort them. The kid is only allowed to see one parent at a time due to the ronas, and that is just brutal for everyone. I'm just so sad about this.

    1. Glad that she reached out to her counselor. NBBW's sister plays such a role at two different private schools. With the virus, she is doing Zoom sessions and suchat with the kids as best she can. No way that's the same as 1-1.

    2. Making a plan is a very loud signal. Thank goodness she reached out.

      Mental health is a crisis riding the crest of this virus.

        1. We are not conditioned to do this long term. I've been home a month. One month. No biggie.

          Imagine, if you will, how non-violent offenders who are imprisoned for years feel.

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