April 17, 2020: If It’s Not One Thing…

We got that 1:50AM phone call that wakes you right up; thankfully it was a couple apartments over from Runner daughter and not her building. Still, took a while for a frazzled girl and her dog to fall back asleep. And there are up to 24 families that now need a place to live, too.

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    1. There's not much point in opening schools again this year if they aren't going to in the next week or two. My wife is teaching online, and my sons are going to class in their rooms.

  1. My aunt's surgery went well, both tumors were removed successfully and she was responsive and alert after waking up. Now we wait for the pathology report.

    1. We've been doing a weekly "Saturday Night Dinner at Fancy Places We Would Never Normally Visit Because of Price/Needing A Babysitter" which we order for pickup at 7:30 (so the kids have already eaten and don't realize we're sneaking in restaurant food at their bedtime).

      First, we had the Martina/Cocina mashup (1 appetizer and 1 entree from each).
      Last week, we had Popul Vue (I suppose it was actually Centro, but my gosh that ceviche was to die for)
      Tomorrow, I'm getting the burger at Revival. I've eaten there once (and had the fried chicken), but I I'm always told the burger is spectacular, so I figure it is time to give it a shot.

      1. Living the dream. I’m going to get Galatoires take out next week. Dinner for four for ~75 bucks plus add ons. Probably.

        1. Galatoire's at home?

          Those items on the "grab and go" menu - shrimp remoulade, turtle soup, and potatoes au gratin - oh mama!

          1. exactly why I'm going to do it. When else A) can I afford it, and B) eat that well at home. So, done and done.

      2. Happy hour tacos at Centro is something I miss dearly. It’s a two minute walk from the studio. Haven’t tried their ceviche, though.

  2. Our friends kid is out of the hospital. Good news for sure as yesterday wasn't great for anyone related. We've had a rotating dinner night with them twice a month, and the kid requested my spicy falafel for her return home dinner. I helped my friends with the recipe, and it seems to have been a success. Hug those you love, folks - even if it's from a safe distance.

  3. Almost forgot to mention this--my dad noticed a pending $1,200 deposit the other day. This seemed odd since he shouldn't have qualified for a stimulus payment. Turns out it's for my uncle who passed away in early 2018. (Because my dad took care of filing taxes for him that year.) 🙄

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