66 thoughts on “May 5, 2020: Play Ball!”

  1. Anyone got any really random goals at the moment? I want to be able to do these weird pushup things. (It's the second of the two videos in that post. And yes, of course I follow ballerinas on Instagram. Doesn't everyone??)

    1. My goal is for oak allergy season to wrap and my self-imposed stay at home open up to allow me to go outdoors for more than just mowing the lawn. Should be by next week, when my RULA plans are to get a lot of outside chores done.

    2. I do.

      Well, modern was her real home & she’s made the transition from performing to teaching now, but I still see her en pointe occasionally.

    3. I closely follow two ballerinas. Around the house. Telling them to do homework and pick up their stuff. And to show up for their Zoom dance classes.

  2. It looks like ESPN has taken everyone's complaints about no KBO re-airs to heart (though it's more likely that this was always their plan) and will re-air last night's Dinos/Samsung game this afternoon at 2pm CST.

    Also, it looks like I'll be able to watch some baseball live tomorrow morning as I get ready for work. That will be kind of fun.

        1. 4ltr? Sigh.

          Since MLB took my money for MLB.tv and hasn’t offered any live baseball since spring training, it seems like the least they could do is stream KBO games.

          1. Amen!

            Does anyone know if there is a way to get this streaming without having to buy a cable package or a Sling-TV-like package. Like buying ESPN+ or something?

            1. KBO started a Twitch channel (link in yesterday's CoC). It's in Korean and I don't know if they're replay, but I was watching some last night.

              1. It looks like all five of last night's games are available on the 5 different Twitch channels in full. If I want to follow the Heroes, that seems to be the best option, as ESPN doesn't seem to be carrying any of their games anytime real soon.

              2. I feel strange saying that I might like the english announcers this time. But beggars can't be choosers...


  3. Does anyone have a good raspberry cheesecake recipe? I'd like to make one for TPR for Mother's Day.

      1. Looking at those ingredients (well, more the amounts) reminds me that I'm glad I'm not a dessert guy. I have enough other vices, thank you very much.

        1. Heh. I will say that I enjoy the process as much as (or almost as much as) the outcome. I also find that for things I've made myself, I'm pretty good about consuming them in moderation. Perhaps because I see what goes into them?

          Anyway, I suspect you'll hate my next Appetite contribution...

      2. The Pepper Stamp of Approval is all I need.

        I'll probably revert to the Martha Stewart Crust, not the chocolate one, but other than that looks good.

    1. My 2nd cousin (I think it's 2nd cousin?) is one of the co-founders of Omni. I'll have to acquire some of that.

      1. Is it your parent's cousin's child? If so, it is your second cousin.

        1. I think there's a "once removed" in that scenario. I'm not sure what that even means.

          1. My grandparents have two kids, my mom and my uncle.

            My mom has me, my uncle has my first cousin. Shared link is our grandparents

            My cousin has a kid, that's my first cousin once removed. Shared link is our grandparents, but that kid is one step further (once removed) from them than I am.

            I have a kid. My kid and my cousin's kid are second cousins.

          2. "Once Removed" refers to generations. So your parents' cousins are also your cousins, once removed. More commonly it refers to more distant generations. So, for example, my wife's 2nd cousins (of which there are many in this town) are my children's second cousins, once removed. But my wife's 2nd cousins' children are my kids' 3rd cousins.

            And when my kids are old enough, then we will have a strict prohibition on dating anyone from town.

      2. One of them is a Johnnie, or married a Johnnie, or knows a Johnnie, or something. So I claim them, too. Plus hometown.
        O'Doyle SJU Rules!
        Actually, one of the few discretionary purchases I've made since...all this...was a groupon for 4 x flights and growlers there. So I might get to try it if I'm ever allowed out of timeout. And can find three friends. Or at least one.

        1. Joking aside, I do hope for their success. They're not in a great spot, but seem to have a nice following and often seem to have a lively taproom. I think they make tasty things and they seem to enjoy what they're doing.

        2. My wife is technically a Johnnie (joint Masters program w/ St. Kate's) though she'll never claim them as she went to St. Kate's for undergrad too.

          Anyway, point being is I'm technically some sort of half-Johnnie in law, so if you need someone to come help you with those flights I'd be down.

            1. I will claim to be as much or as little of a Johnnie as need be for this beer sampling excursion.

              1. Geez, this guy just won't stop demonstrating that he understands Johnnies, will he?

    1. I asked my friend who to choose and he insisted on the Giants (though I was leaning that way anyway). He told me he was buying me a jersey as soon as he goes through Korea again (he's currently holed up in Vietnam). The photo he sent of his jersey was pretty sharp. Plus it's a Kappa.

  4. Today someone decided to buy a flight and several hundred dollars of things from Best Buy by using my credit card. It was flagged and dealt with within about 15 minutes of it happening. But still.

  5. Being cinco and all, I decided that I'd make Carne Adovada. Sure celebrating a Mexican military success with a New Mexican delicacy seems to miss the mark, but my dinner is going to be pretty outstanding.

    If you can get frozen red chili sauce shipped to you you're lucky. If not, you can make a really, very good sauce by re hydrated red chili powder - though be warned the chili powder you get from Tones or the supermarket is not new mexican chili powder and such your sauce will taste not good -

  6. We watched a video of Ballet Folklórico de México tonight for Cinco de Mayo, and the Poissonnière said, "They're not giving [each other] enough space!"

    It's amazing how rapidly the way we see the world changes.

    1. Sounds great! The New York City Ballet is doing a digital spring season, and I need to make time to watch one of the ballets.

      I'm really curious how kids are going to see the world when we're on the other side of this experience. As much as my kids miss school, I have a feeling it's also going to be a big readjustment whenever it is that they actually go back...

  7. Ha, continuing to watch Game 163 and Tolbert hit a foul ball into the first row above the Twins bullpen. The Tigers leftfielder got close to catching it but Neck Tat is Tall didn't even flinch as he stood his ground. Secret weapon!

        1. don't get me wrong, I think the prince tribute jerseys the wolves wore were outstanding. The call back to the studded right shoulder was great, but the number mark could have been better. As an alternate / tribute I give it a 9.5.

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