May 7, 2020: Quarantine Queries

What are some of the questions you're seeking answers to in these troubled times? Or, what are some answers that you have stumbled upon?

Basically, what weird crap have you been thinking about that you wouldn't if not for the thing and stuff?

54 thoughts on “May 7, 2020: Quarantine Queries”

  1. One of the questions I'm seeking answers to is how people see the difference between weekdays and weekends.

    1. On weekend mornings, my boys can wake up and play videogames. On weekdays, my boys can wake up and fight their parents about starting to do schoolwork and I can stress out about getting work done.

    1. I was hoping for all Jeremys but listing OG Jeremy and another that would have been on the list if it existed then is pretty good.

        1. Just checked:
          5-0 with a 0.21 ERA against the Twins
          My ridiculous numbers were somehow close.

          (I think I may have seen him once, but can't confirm right now)

          1. He's faced the Twins six times but missed the list because he finished with 42.1 innings against the Twins. Out of all teams he's faced more than once, he has the lowest (best) tOPS+ against the Twins with a tOPS+ of 24. Next are the White Sox at tOPS+ of 38. He's only 2-0 against them however. He was 4-0 against the Royals in five starts with a 1.21 ERA.

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      1. I used to listen to a political podcast daily, but I've stopped during the pandemic. Now I just listen to an episode of the Dollop instead. (Everyone owes it to themselves to go listen to the Col. Sanders episode.)

        1. I've stopped listening to terrestrial radio (as we discussed last week) at all. I haven't listened to NPR in years, though we're still members.

          The most current stuff I listen to is I guess whatever they get to talking about on "Wait Wait" podcasts

        2. Ooh, that looks fun. I've mentioned before that my podcast listening is way down, so probably not the best time to add to the backlog, but the listening I am able to do has trended more towards comedy and away from current events and videogames.

          1. After listening to one episode you might want to listen to more, but the Col Sanders story is really something and everyone should know about it. The other one I like to recommend is The Landlord Game. Its fascinating and has one heck of a twist.

    3. My wife threatened to take my Facebook away yesterday. I spent way too much time refuting conspiracy theory videos.

      At one point, my neighbor texted me to tell me that the person I was arguing with was his aunt. (In my defense, she started it!)

      1. I've had two very hopeful signs lately.

        First, a friend who, after being gently nudged to reject a conspiracy theory, actually took down the post of her own volition.
        Second, a cousin who, after a few go-rounds on previous conspiracy videos, yesterday actually PMed me the most recent one and said "okay, so how would you analyze something like this to know if it's true?". Her willingness to question at all is super exciting to me.

        I wrote a rather extensive treatise explaining how to assess credibility... there's probably a 50/50 shot I scared her off. But still!

        1. I've found the more thorough I am, the more I get ignored. One reply I got yesterday was simply, "George Soros."

          Maybe I shouldn't start all arguments with, "Jane, you ignorant slut..."

          1. I try to remind myself that I'm not just engaging with the person I'm actually talking to, but also with all of the silent observers. I get a fair amount of feedback from the silent observers.

      2. This is really bugging my wife (and me). I was literally just looking up "why do people believe conspiracy theories" articles. Not that it will do me any good.

        1. Not that anyone needs another podcast rec, throughline has a great episode on conspiracy theories. Highly recommend. The one about LBJ..... holy cats.

      3. My wife threatened to take my Facebook away yesterday.

        Obviously they've (you know who) have gotten to her.

      1. I assume the last several pages will be about a kid who is lost?

        Where do we go?
        Where do we go now?

    1. Ankiel's transformation into a CF with a cannon after his pitching woes is amazing to me.

      1. I always assumed he was trying to throw to home on every outfield assist.

  3. If I had known of the existence of this song, I would have guest-DJ'ed it repeatedly.

    1. That was when Mets first baseman Ike Davis hit a foul tip that hit Mauer square in his helmet.

      One more “gift” to the Twins from the Davis family.

  4. A friend of mine is re-reading Ball Four and sent me this:

    Bouton says that the Seattle players called Killebrew "that fat kid." Then follows it with, as in: that fat kid just hit another one 420 feet.

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