May 18, 2020: “W”FH

Our main system is down all day for upgrades, though we’re still technically working today. Not sure what I’m supposed to be doing today, but let’s all pretend I did a great job of it.

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  1. During my RULA week last week, I went through a lot of old financial papers and transactions from mid-1990's to mid-2000's, both ours and my deceased MIL's from when we were more fastidious in keeping our paperwork, with the intent of shredding and/or recycling. I had several observations:
    - man, we wrote a lot of checks. I probably write as many in a year now as I did in a month back then.
    - credit card receipts used to show the entire credit card number on them. How quaint.
    - remember the receipts that had the carbon copy material built into the backs of them? Good times.
    - so many businesses no longer doing business! My MIL used to recommend buying from Sears because if your purchase ran into any problems in the future you know they'd still be around. I'd be curious to hear what she'd think nowadays.
    - lots more trips to the credit union back in the day, too, for deposits or whatnot. A few months ago I had to deposit a check and was surprised to see that the CU had moved into a new building across the street.

    1. We're nearing the finish line of a refinancing and realizing what a poor job of record retention we do, thankfully nothing missing is a deal breaker but the loan officer is probably tired of the "I can't find that letter" response.

      RE: Sears. That's where I took my drivers ed class back in the mid-90s. I'm assuming it is because my parents could charge it to their Sears card vs. paying cash, but it sure was great being able to head out into the mall to check out Electronics Boutique and what was left of an arcade during breaks.

      1. I'm so old, I remember taking Driver's Ed (classroom) as an extension class at the h.s.

  2. Last week there was a discussion of how the Pandemic was changing things for you. Unfortunately 2020 was going to be a big year for travel and adventure for me. Besides my Peru trip which was derailed, I was planning a trip to KC to watch the Twins and a trip to Chicago to watch the White Sox-Twins. All not happening.

    Then there are the concerts. I went through last night and I have $1,100 in concert tickets that have either been canceled or probably will be. Now $450 of that are for some Chris Stapleton tickets at Wrigley. That show was just postponed until 2021. You can ask for a refund, but the Wrigley one isn't rescheduled yet due to MLB scheduling needs. Which doesn't happen until the Fall! Ugh, so my biggest outlay isn't coming back for a while. Also, I was finally going to go the Dayton, OH over Labor Day for the annual Guided By Voices 3-day picnic and celebration. Alas.

    I've received only $101 back for the Sturgill Simpson show, the GBV picnic ticket refund should be coming in the next week or so and I have a bunch of hard tickets I will need to return once places like the Electric Fetus opens back up. Oh and I have plane ticket vouchers too. Maybe if things loosen up I can at least head to Chicago over the summer.

    1. We've almost got refunds complete for our Ireland trip. The city pass was not discounted, but we have the full amount + extra credited to us to use in the next couple years (at any city they have city pass, not just Dublin), and we have a couple day trips that should be mostly refunded...someday. Big hassle, but at least the money wasn't entirely lost. Hope you can do similar trips/concerts when things return to something like normal again.

    2. Silver linings is that there were so many concerts I wanted to go to, and I cheaped out on all of them (especially once we knew TSC was on the way) that I could easily be a few hundred of dollars that I'm not. THS at First Ave, RTJ opening for RATM (about whom I'd be less enthused) , Sturgill all off the top of my head.

  3. So, the 2014 All-Star Game hanky I showed in the video chat last night was lost to someone who bid just above me -- bummer -- but I got a second chance offer for my bid price, so...winning! Now I just need to get a Target Field Inaugural Game hanky and I'll have the full set. Far as I know.

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