7 thoughts on “May 20, 2020: 水曜日”

  1. The first kanij in Wednesday is water, so I always think of Wednesday as Water Day (all the day kanjis are [Something]Day), which is convenient because that's the night I need to put out the empty water bottles for the water guy to replace*.

    *COVID-19 Slant: Jane had us up our strategic water reserve from 3 bottles to 6 bottles. Just in an abundance of caution.

  2. Alex Bregman takes a very expansive view on conflict of interests.

    The involvement of James’ media platform Uninterrupted in a new docuseries on the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal was perhaps not the only reason Bregman left Brodie Scoffield, whose company last month became the baseball arm of James’ agency, Klutch Sports. But the sources said it was an overriding factor — at the very least, the last straw.

    Uninterrupted, part of James’ budding media empire, is a separate entity from Klutch. One source, however, said Bregman felt angry and betrayed Scoffield put him in a position in which a fellow Klutch client — the biggest star in the NBA — would help develop a series focusing on the darkest moment of his career.

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