22 thoughts on “Moon Day”

  1. We discovered that strawberry daiquiri mix, cheap rum, a few strawberries, and crushed ice make for a refreshing Zoom drink. Yeah, I got nothing.

  2. Yesterday, during the ongoing Yardquest, I discovered a roughly 3' by 3' concrete pad, about 3 inches down, in the back of the back yard. So, that was fun.

    I spent a half hour or so chopping at it with my big-ass chisel before accepting my fate and the Mrs' direction. We will just re-cover it and grow "ground cover" instead of weed cover.

    1. I feel your pain. The back corner of our yard was 2 courses of bricks that some MFer had poured self leveling concrete over sometime before we were born. I dug out so many bricks.

  3. I have a feeling 2021 is going to be a stellar year for music. Tours and gigs have been cancelled so musicians at at work working on songs, finding new sounds, honing their craft. Once gigs start up again and studios open up they get to bang out all that creativity.

    Maybe Im just a dreamer.

    1. Maybe we'll hear the new songs around the fire as Jason Isbell, the traveling troubadour, visits our humble village. Please be done by 9:00p as the wolves come out a little after that.

  4. Mrs Runner and I took a nice hour walk across the street from the subdivision entrance and around the cemetery there. Found a couple people we knew, and watched some of the wildlife in the lake. About 20% too humid to be a real nice jaunt, but it was a pleasant enough Memorial Day activity.

      1. Not 100 here. Although it is humid. I trimmed trees and pulled weeds outside. Most of my home projects are inside the house, though.

  5. You know what's cool?

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