23 thoughts on “May 27, 2020: Hot Streak”

  1. The warm weather is really making me miss baseball. Not that I didn't miss it before, obviously, but baseball has been an important part of every summer of my life. Not having it just kind of leaves an empty space.

    1. I was driving for a little while on Sunday afternoon, and the fact that I wasn't able to put on the baseball game felt like such a significant absence. I fear we're in for a long stretch though, given the pandemic and the intractable labor issues.

    2. This sounds really weird, especially in the context of this group, but I have not missed baseball. Part of it comes from busy-ness from normal family life, but it also comes from a great number of other distractions that keep me occupied (television, board games, etc). Often when the season starts I pay attention for a little bit, and I usually try to find out what the Twins did each day, but I rarely watched every game, maybe listen if I remembered. But I almost never buy MLB.TV at the beginning of the season, opting to wait until the Twins show signs of success. Could make the case of being just a fair-weather fan, but that's just where I am now.

      1. No baseball would have definitely affected me more 10 years ago, but now I mostly just miss having it as background noise as I clean up while the kids go to bed. If a game was particularly good, I would pay more attention towards the end, but for now Food Channel or just music has taken its place in the background.

  2. Does anyone have a gutter cover system they recommend? Our yard has a lot of mature cottonwood trees, which means the gutters get pelted with something almost constantly from May-October.

    The sticky things that fall off are just about done and managed to clog an upper gutter (the one I can't get to with my regular ladder) ahead of last night's storm, so I rigged a rake with a flexible gutter spout to prevent all of the water from falling directly near the foundation. I cleared the other two gutters yesterday and they were just filled with the junk.

    But those ending means the really annoying cotton is going to fall any week now, and that will be the next gutter clogger. After a few week break, the cottonwoods then start losing leaves slowly at first and then more quickly in the fall.

    It seems like the mesh systems will have a rough time with all of this, but the helmet style could also struggle with the stickies. I've also considered the rainhandler system for the upper gutter, would be cheaper and maybe requires less maintenance.

      1. Ha, we took out three shortly after moving in but still have 8 in our yard. And the little wooded area on city property also has quite a few...and the neighbors on both sides. Ugh.

    1. I've been listening to Fake Doctors Real friends pretty much constantly lately. Much recommend if you are a Scrubs fan. Braff and Faison are so goofy and it's really helped my mood lately.

  3. So the mower started and I was able to finish the upper part of the yard. Brotha Coot thinks that I had a vapor lock from the cap on the gas tank - once the mower got hot, it was cutting off the gas supply.

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