27 thoughts on “May 28, 2020: It’s Not The Heat”

  1. Yesterday was just about a perfect summer day here. High in the upper 70s, light wind, plenty of sunshine. We don't get them very often, but it's sure wonderful when we do.

  2. It's not the heat . . . it's the fires.

    Minneapolis Citizens, how are y'all doing right now? I haven't even fully caught up on everything that happened last night, but it's heartbreaking.

      1. The scene at 38th and Chicago was real chill. No cops anywhere. Just people wanting to be together. No threats of violence or fear.

        I also went to the 3rd Precinct. Ugly. I left right as it was getting dark and you could tell it was going to get a lot worse. But even before that the cops would every so often shoot these concussion grenades into the crowd and these markers. Besides being really freaking loud, the plastic casing would explode and spread. Got hit a few times but felt like someone throwing gravel at your legs. If one of those things hit you directly in the head, that could've been super dangerous.

        Cops taking down barricades pic.twitter.com/EW5KnRQqQR— DEC (@freealonzo) May 28, 2020

            1. My town's PD acquired an MRAP a year or two ago (ulp! in 2014!), from the neighboring town with a University of California campus, after that town's libruls decided it was a bad look. But our town thought "sweet!" Because, you know, we have so much need to wage war on our own citizenry.

              But they renamed it the "Armored Rescue Vehicle" so nobody would think it was for armored assaults or anything.

              Two recent, former mayors (one a Democrat and one a Republican) both commented at the time that the acquisition was not justified. And yet....

            2. We were at the Philadelphia Marathon a year or two back. They sealed off the end zone from fans for security purposes. What blew me away was the Phila Police Force Urban Assault Vehicles. God they looked like they were straight from Iraq. We need those in Philadephia I guess.

    1. I mentioned this to my family living in Minneapolis, but if Citizens in the Metro are aware of effective ways for Minnesota expats to express solidarity with people aiding the community or advocating for accountability & comprehensive reform, I’d appreciate any suggestions offered.

        1. One of my black employees recommended the Minneapolis Urban League for donations.

          Department of Civil Rights City Hall
          (612) 673-3012

          Velma J. Korbel, Director of Internal Affairs (she's POC, fyi)
          (612) 673-3012 extension 3027

          Office of Police Conduct Review

          District Attorney Mike Freeman

          1. Thank you both for these suggestions. I see the MFF has some additional organizations — Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, and North Star Health Collective — linked on their website, too.

    2. Just spent an hour at 38th and Chicago. Very loving, sad, and peaceful. I didn't expect to break down sobbing several times, but it's just so ridiculous. I shared a picture of a boy who just destroyed me on the Book of Face.

      1. I was talking to the jalapeno about it all and after giving him a not-very-detailed explanation that the police had killed George Floyd, he asked "But why?" and the question broke my heart.

          1. Years ago I was robbed at gun point on my front steps. As the police arrived to take my statement a neighbor and his little boy, couldn't have been more than 5 years old, walked by. The boy was holding a nerf gun and unprompted raised his hands and declared in a loud and clear voice that it was just a toy.

            That memory haunts me.

            Seeing the images from MPS and now St. Paul just breaks my heart.

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