14 thoughts on “June 3, 2020: Level Up”

    1. On a feeder? In Connecticut? In Spring? They're not one of the warbler species that's known to come to feeders with any regularity. Among birders, they're known to be one of the most secretive and skulky birds, keeping to thick undergrowth and never allowing themselves to be seen. I couldn't find a single photo of one on a feeder. Did you take a photo? Would love to see it.

      Also, their migration pattern is such that they pretty much avoid the Atlantic coast north of Florida in the spring, only showing up in CT in fall (I assume "New Britain" is still accurate).

      Female Mourning Warbler is probably the most likely to be visually confused with a Connecticut Warbler, but I think they'd be only slightly more likely to alight on a feeder.
      Nashville Warbler and female Yellow Warbler are possibilities that are more likely to be on a feeder.

      I've never seen or heard one, though I've tried to turn songs of Common Yellowthroats and Northern Waterthrushes into theirs.

      1. Hmm. Sounds like its not the right bird. No photo.

        Small bird, drabbish yellow. Nashville pics are closest of the ones you suggested. I have suet, seed, Niger, an a small bird bath.

        Got into Scandia this evening, and enjoyed seeing a Sandhill Crane flying up out of a field north of Hwy 4 by Olinda Trail. We've been getting a group of 3 or 4 in the bare fields the last couple of years in that area.

  1. NBBW father (89 yrs old) on the way to Mayo with three broken vertebrae. He's fallen down three times since 5/29 and hasn't told his wife. Now he can't sleep or eat and is in misery.

    We'll find out tomorrow what the deal is, but not looking good. I've lost both my parents but NBBW hasn't. This is very tough on her.

    I'm looking to drive to Minny (19 hrs) starting Friday. Will be a slog.

    1. Procedure is done and the patient is in the recovery area at Mayo.

      I decided to fly instead of driving to MN. Will be in Scandia on Friday night.

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