FMD: 2020 Summer Mix

Oh, man, this one should be a doozy...

1. The theme is "Summer". You're free to interpret that as you'd like. Especially this summer...
2. Put your nominations in a Spoiler box.
3. You may nominate up to 3 songs. Any further nominations will be ignored.
4. Unless we get an insane amount of nominations for some reason, everyone's first choice is automatically in. The rest of the mix will be filled out with the other nominations.

Also, toss out a list if you feel like it.

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35 thoughts on “FMD: 2020 Summer Mix”

  1. Can't help you with the summer mix, unless you want one from the '70s. But here's a list:

    1. Get Closer--Seals and Crofts
    2. Higher Love--Steve Winwood
    3. I Need You--America
    4. Dog and Butterfly--Heart
    5. Leather and Lace--Stevie Nicks and Don Henley
    6. Alabama Rain--Jim Croce
    7. Big Yellow Taxi--Joni Mitchell
    8. A Thing Called Love--Jerry Reed
    9. That Song Is Driving Me Crazy--Tom T. Hall
    10. Walkin' Back to Georgia--Jim Croce

    1. We would very much like your nomination, even if it's only one song. Time period definitely does not matter. So long as it meets your criteria for "Summer".

  2. 1. Shannon Stephens “The Way Relationships End Up”* Shannon Stephens (Reissue)
    2. They Might Be Giants “The Guitar” A User's Guide
    3. Fever Ray “I'm Not Done (Still Not Done Dancing Mix)”* Plunge Remix
    4. Gang Gang Dance “Kazuashita” Kazuashita
    5. Lana Del Rey “Lolita”*

    6. Porno Graffitti “Melissa”* Melissa (single)
    7. Eric Copeland “Boogieman” Goofballs
    8. Fila Brazillia “Hush Hush” MMXX
    9. Architecture in Helsinki “Heart It Races (Live)” Daytrotter Session
    T. Priscilla Ahn “Vibe So Hot” When You Grow Up

    1. Bonus track. That last word in the title bugs me. Maybe that's why it didn't make the first cut of the album.
    3. Remix by Fever Ray
    5. Bonus track, I guess. Target Exclusive?
    6. Opening Theme from season 1 of Fullmetal Alchemist. Not as good as some of the other themes, but this helped get me hooked on the show.

  3. 01. "Bad Man" – (Sandy) Alex GHouse Of Sugar
    02. "The Crane Wife 1 & 2" – The DecemberistsThe Crane Wife
    03. "Dr. Feelgood (Love Is A Serious Business)" – Aretha FranklinI Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You
    04. "Shark" – Throwing MusesLimbo
    05. "Dance In The Water" – Danny BrownAtrocity Exhibition
    06. "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" – JellyfishSpilt Milk
    07. "The Beast In Me" – Johnny CashAmerican Recordings
    08. "Bales Of Cocaine" – Reverend Horton HeatThe Full Custom Gospel Sounds Of The Reverend Horton Heat
    09. "Pent-Up House" – Sonny RollinsPlus Four
    10. "Living On A Thin Line" – The KinksWord Of Mouth

      1. Yup. From an absolute heart breaker of an episode that I haven't been able to watch since my sister passed.

        1. Hold On Hope is probably one of the more "controversial" songs in the GBV canon. The band has denounced this version as over-produced and trying too hard to goose a hit single from the label. So the fans have glommed onto that. Which all is a little too much of "Indie band sell out," gripe for me, which get's tiresome. Probably isn't in my top 50 GBV songs but it's decent. I get why people like it and why can't we just leave it that?

          1. There's something to be said for accessibility. I've listened to more GBV because of this song than I would have without it. That said, I can understand the plight of the passionate fan who wants everyone to love GBV for who they are, not what they put out one time - that's a pretty normal human experience.

            1. I agree. Now that I have your attention, have you heard Soul Barn, it's off Suitecase #2, full of unreleased and demo versions of Pollard songs. In this collection you'll find Pollard testing new boundaries of song making...... (oops, sorry got a little carried away there.)

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  6. I'm going a different route. Sorry.

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    Um yeah very different, but yeah this summer.

    1. definite not safe for work.

      Would have been my number one, but I went another direction.

      Seriously not safe for your work laptop or your young kid's ears.

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