FMD 6/12/2020 – Spotify vs. Pandora vs. ???

We've discussed this before, I'm sure, but what music services do you use? I was finding myself getting into a bit of a rut with Pandora - it seems to have stopped rotating in new songs unless and until I make a conscious addition to the playlist, and then it really gloms onto that artist. I'd never been much into Spotify - it just seemed silly to rotate through multiple services - but given the Pandora problem, I decided to give it more of a try. The weekly curated lists have been excellent - a handful of songs I know, but many more I don't, including some news stuff, deep cuts and covers, many of which I have genuinely enjoyed.

I'm trying not to like or dislike too many songs on the service though, for fear it will become another Pandora, and only cater to my identified likes, when, in fact, the thing I like most is variety and finding new songs.

What services do you use? How do you use them? Drop your lists. Nominate your summer songs. Especially that. Nominate your summer songs!

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    1. The weekly ones? Those have been absolute hits for me.

      I'm especially glad that they (must) just take a look at what I've searched for, instead of requiring me to actually lock in a "like". I think it gives them a broader dictate that way, or something?

  1. I use Apple Music, because I'm fully integrated into the Apple family (which may be a minority on this site).

    I rarely use the Made For You, curated lists, etc. I should I know but just don't seem to use these services that way.

  2. I listen to The Bridge on SiriusXM.

    1. Top of the World--The Carpenters
    2. Tiny Dancer--Elton John
    3. Thursday--Jim Croce
    4. Temma Harbour--Mary Hopkin
    5. Annie's Song--John Denver
    6. Our Town--Iris DeMent
    7. Babe--Styx
    8. Peace Train--Cat Stevens
    9. Yesterday Once More--The Carpenters
    10. You and Me--Alice Cooper

  3. Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp. Bandcamp is also where I purchase the majority of my new music these days, because of their solidly pro-Artist business practices. I've bought stuff during their last couple of Revenue Waive fridays.

  4. 01. "Cream" – Mannequin PussyPatience
    02. "Hey Mami" – Sylvan EssoSylvan Esso
    03. "No Good, No More" – Eleni MandellThrill
    04. "Wolfpack" – Syd BarrettBarrett
    05. "And Yet It Moves/Y Se Mueve" – U.S. GirlsHeavy Light
    06. "Wasp Nest" – The NationalCherry Tree
    07. "What Can We Do? (feat. Nate Dogg) – Anderson .PaakVentura
    08. "In A Blind" – VagabonVagabon
    09. "Swingin'" – LowLong Division
    10. "So Good To Have You Home Again" – MystiquesEccentric Soul Vol. 6: Twinight's Lunar Rotation

  5. 1. Basement Jaxx “Jump N' Shout” Remedy
    2. Joel VeitchWe Like the
    3. Hiro Kone “Outside the Axiom”* Pure Expenditure
    4. Nina Simone “I Am Blessed” Four Women: The Nina Simone Phillips Recordings
    5. Stan Getz & João Gilberto “Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)”* Getz/Gilberto

    6. Spiked Punch* “Guinea Pig” Guinea Pig
    7. Vampire Weekend “The Kids Don't Stand a Chance” Vampire Weekend
    8. Roxette* “The Look” Look Sharp!
    9. Fiona Apple “Please, Please, Please”* Extraordinary Machine
    T. Hiro Kone “Violence” Hiro Kone
    E. DJ QBert* “Invasion of the Octopus People” Wave Twisters

    3. Featuring Little Annie (Anxiety or Bandez)
    5. Featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim and Astrud Gilberto
    6. Side project from 2/3 of Black Dice (Aaron Warren and Eric Copeland)
    8. R.I.P. Marie Fredricksson
    9. Apparently, Apple's least favorite of her own songs. Written in response to the label asking for one more song for the album.
    E. It's on DJ QBert's album, but I also it credited to the Invisibl Skratch Piklz on the compilation Return of the DJ. It was recorded by QBert, DJ Disk, and Shortkut, (but not Mix Master Mike).

  6. I use YouTube and whatever catches my eyes on the recommended videos list (I use YT for basically music videos , Simpsons clips, and watching old sports games)

    I Just Dropped In (TO See What Condition My Condition Was In) - White Denim
    A Certain Girl - The Yardbirds
    American Idiot - Green Day
    Swingin Party - The Replacements
    Demolition - The Kinks

    Shooting Star - Bad Company
    Tremolo Blooz - The Presidents of the United States of America
    Rocks Off - Rolling Stones
    The Rain The Park & Other Things - The Cowsills
    One Step Up - Bruce Springsteen

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