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    1. Hrbek is already up on another post today. When else do we get to love Dock Ellis around here?

  1. One of my favorite players when I first started following the Twins as a wee lad. He has the added bonus of being a super-utility guy, during his career he played at least 200 games at five different positions. He could hit a little also, Top 5 in hits, double & triples 4 times, and Top 10 in runs and stolen bases 6 times.

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    Also, this tidbit. Along with former Reds center fielder Eddie Milner, he is regarded as the major league's all-time leader in breaking up no-hit attempts with five.

  2. I'll go with this guy. In 13 seasons, he finished in the top ten in home runs eight times (1959, 1961–65, 1967–68). Particularly memorable home run feats included combining with Harmon Killebrew to become the first pair to hit grand slams in the same inning on July 18, 1962, hitting home runs in three consecutive at-bats on May 17, 1963, and teaming with Killebrew, Tony Oliva, and Jimmie Hall to hit four consecutive home runs on May 2, 1964.

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    Following his death, the Minnesota Twins created the Award named for him for the Twins player who exemplifies determination, hustle, tenacity, competitive spirit and leadership both on and off the field.

  3. I don't really need another OF, but really, he's the main candidate I've had in my mind for awhile. He was always one of my favorites, and he had a sneaky great career.

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    1. I won a bat from Costcutters? as a kid that is signed by Shane Mack, Brian Harper, and Kirby. Easily one of my favorite possessions.

  4. Welcome to Minnesota!

    I love that he had a .275 batting average after 0-2 counts and struck out less in his career than Mark Reynolds did regularly.

  5. My pick was a longtime Twin, spending all but one season of his career in the organization. He only got 147 PA in the majors, all in one seasons with a mediocre Twins team that finished fourth in the AL West. He didn't hit or walk much — he hit just one big-league homer — and had a little bit of versatility. Truth be told, I'm not drafting him for what he did with his bat or glove, but who he was in the clubhouse & dugout.

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      1. Ohtani can pitch to Ohtani in fantasy leagues? That just seems wrong.

        I’d definitely choose someone else here if we’re going to split careers.

        1. You can have him as a player but he's still up to be drafted as a manager by you or someone else.

          Same as Joe Torre, Frank Robinson, Dusty Baker, etc.

            1. it's weird, but then again we have Mike Trout facing off against Kid Nichols, so reality isn't our jam

            2. I didn't figure he'd drop that far, but I was hoping he'd still be around when my turn comes up. When my brother and I were kids, pretending to be someone while playing baseball in the back yard, he was usually the second player we'd choose to be (after Kirby, of course).

        2. Some leagues he can do both, but most have a hitter Ohtani and a pitcher Ohtani as two separate players. That's the way I was thinking of it.

          (sorry to blow up your pick)

  6. I gave serious/not serious consideration to a third catcher/relief pitcher of some reputation around these parts.

    Instead, I will go with a lefty bullpen figure. With him and Iron Mike covering the back half of my bullpen, I don't have to call ties after 13 innings.

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    1. btw, can anyone make sense of how Butters got a three-year contract with the Royals that paid him almost $5 million?

  7. Nibs is still up.

    We do need a ruling from the judges on the availability of pre-Twins Senators.

    1. It seems like the consensus of who responded was no. Beau says no. I think the answer is no.

      I brought up the question only so that we were all on the same page. I didn't have a Washington Senator in mind that I wanted to pick.

  8. I need one last pitcher. My current rotation stacks up as Perry/Verlander/deGrom/Reuschel. That's a pretty solid four man, and I figure I can slot in a whole bunch of guys into the fifth slot. I might as well get a guy who's got a lot of experience both in the rotation and in the pen. My choice pitched pretty well no matter where he was.

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    1. I'm surprised he lasted this long. He was overshadowed by Gaylord, but he was an excellent pitcher.

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    Sometimes I look at my roster and think about how all these players and personalities would actually fit together... I'm going to need a really good manager 😉

      1. Oof. I mean, I've never been a Lasorda fan anyhow, but yikes.

        And thanks for the picture, hj. Gonna go inject some bleach in my eyeballs now.

  10. I was thinking of adding Alex Kirloff and just have him sit on the bench and learn from the big boys. Maybe get a few swings in the numerous blowouts we’d be involved in. But I couldn’t pass on one of my faves as a kid and a unfortunate tragic figure. Even though I really don’t need another outfielder.

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    1. one of my favorites as well. And one of the points of argument against Cal Griffith, not because he was a racist per se (which he may have been), but because he was a cheap a-hole.

      from his SABR bio:

      Often compared to his teammate Rod Carew, Lyman Bostock was second only to Carew as a hitter in the eyes of his Minnesota Twins manager Gene Mauch. Mauch once said he had no doubt that Bostock would eventually win batting titles. With Bostock having hit .323 and .336 during his first two full big league seasons, Mauch’s proclamation of his center fielder’s future hardly seemed bluster. In fact, from 1976-1978 only Carew and Pirates star outfielder Dave Parker hit for a higher cumulative batting average among major league every day players. Bostock’s skills were not limited to the batter’s box. He was an excellent runner and one of the finest defensive outfielders in baseball. In short, he was one of the elite multi-faceted players of the latter half of the 1970s.

      also, TIL from that bio that Bostock's father was a Negro Leaguer.

      1. How'd a hall of famer fall this far in the draft, for cripes' sakes?
        (Also, for that reason, assumed this would be Gladden.)

          1. We're drafting 375 players (plus a round of Twins). There are 235 HOF players. Obviously we've drafted a good number of players who would have been HOF players if they'd been in MLB, and plenty of players who are still playing and/or haven't yet qualified for the Hall. I haven't looked at exactly how many HOFers we haven't drafted, but it does seem pretty remarkable that there are a good number available.

            1. well, some hall-of-famers probably aren't that impressive. Nobody is dying to draft Rabbit Maranville or Kiki Cuyler or Harold Baines.

              1. still, seeing the math laid out like that...it is kind of surprising that we haven't exhausted the supply of HOFers already.

        1. I wasn't all that surprised. I think most of us are in the camp that he didn't deserve to be in the Hall, he's a terrible announcer and he's pretty unlikeable as a person. At a certain point in this kind of draft, you lose track of who's been taken, and I think a lot of people had assumed he'd been taken in the later rounds. I just happened to search for him.

          1. I considered him when I took Steve Rogers, but I really don't like him and this is all about fun.

  11. I considered a few pitchers here, including the highest WAR player in 1991, and especially Mr. "No one wants to be in my pants tonight". But, I decided to go with a hitter instead. I may have missed someone, but I think he's the second-highest WAR among Twins that have not been taken, following only someone who it appears no one wants on their team (reasonably so, I might add, considering his post-career issues...).

    I figure this guy will be a good addition to a team, since he can (at least somewhat) play a number of positions, and be a good bat off the bench. Plus, I just always liked him. He seemed to always come up and hit a well-timed double when needed. And, his career coincides with the time I paid the most attention to the Twins, so I've got some extra affection for him for that reason as well. And, he can even be an emergency pitcher if needed!

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    1. And, he can even be an emergency pitcher if needed!

      Don’t forget clubhouse magic tricks.

  12. This was one of my favorite players as a kid. It was based on the fact that he was an All Star as I started to watch baseball. Looking at his career stats, he was good but not great. On the plus side, he played shortstop and ended his career as a DH. World Champion in 1987. Switch hitter. And I dressed as him for Halloween one year.

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    1. This was my mom's favorite player when I was growing up. After he was done playing he was at a game we were at once, and I remember my Dad running over to him, vaulting over a few empty seats, to reach him, to ask for an autograph for my mom. I think we had nothing else available at the time, so he ended up signing my glove. I then I think I actually still played with that glove for a while, and the signature eventually wore away.

      But I was like 9, so who knows if I'm remembering any of this correctly.

    2. Every so often I'd see him and his quite fetching wife at the Southdale Target. They definitely stood out as beautiful Edina people. Perfect hair, teeth, smile, etc.

  13. I can most use another pitcher, so I'm limiting myself to that (apologies to Carlos Gomez, who, if I were going for another outfielder, would have been my pick).

    I had every intention of drafting a player I watched play here. But y'all picked over all of my favorites (many several rounds earlier), so I went digging a little deeper. I'm glad I did. The player I'm picking was essential to one of the Twins' World Series runs. He spent his career as both a starter and a reliever, so he gives my team some flexibility. And he's done some pretty cool work to highlight African American players (especially pitchers). Throw in 2 complete WS games, including a must-win Game 6... I'm sold.

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