June 27, 2020: CSI

My grandpa's getting well into his 90s, so he moved into a home awhile back. He didn't want anything in his large, old St. Paul home anymore, so he told the family to take whatever they'd like. I was sad because there were so many great things, including some beautiful and very large pieces, that we just didn't have the space for and/or way to good way to get to us. Below is one small thing I did take though. Grandpa used it as kind of miscellaneous drawer. One, it's a good sturdy drawer that wasn't prohibitively large. Two, I remember it from all the way back as a small child because I could never figure out what the hell those words/name(s?) meant. Cursory G##gle search brought no answers. Anyone have an idea?

14 thoughts on “June 27, 2020: CSI”

      1. You stirred old brain cells until one of them said, "hey, that's a thin, two drawer like what thread spools were stored in." Are the drawers empty, or do they have spindles sticking up from the base? Also, looks like lettering is gone from the top right drawer.

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