30 thoughts on “June 29, 2020: #TipYourCap2020”

      1. It looks like they'll be watching the games on a monitor, and still doing the radio broadcast. That'll be kind of surreal.

        I don't believe they've announced what the TV crew will do, but I assume it will be something similar.

        1. Lots of radio broadcasters back in the day recreated game play live in the studio by reading the play-by-play/pitch-by-pitch reports off the news ticker. Ronald Reagan was one of them.

        2. I cant find it a Google search was no help but I read that the home ball park TV crew will broadcast for both teams.
          So the White Sox play at Target Field. Dick n Bert will be the commentators for both teams, with the crew being neutral. When the Twins play in Chicago it will be Jason Benetti and the Stone Pony Steve Stone calling for both teams.

  1. I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder at 4:00am and the first thought in my head was the realization that Scott Leius (#31) platooned with Mike Pagliarulo (#13) in 1991.


  2. Just had a little reminder pop up to let me know that it's been two years since my dad and I went to a Twins game at Wrigley Field. That's the last baseball game I attended. Brutally hot day, and we made the moronic decision to do the whole thing as a day trip, so it was an 8 and a half hour drive to watch a game for three hours in the sun on a day where the players we're literally dropping from heat exhaustion, then another 8 and a half hours back.

    Joe had a great game, though, and it was an experience I recall fondly.

  3. I'm listening to some live baseball! The Pierre Trappers are taking on the Fremont Moo in the Expedition League, a wood-bat league for small-college players. It's in Fremont--I'm hoping to get to a few games in Pierre yet this summer.

    1. Northwoods League starts July 1. They are allowing up to 250 people at Franklin Rogers Park in Mankato, but given the huge spike in COVID cases in the area I kind of am worried for the players and fans.

        1. Cancelled because they said/did something offensive cancelled, or cancelled because of economics related to corona virus cancelled, or cancelled for some other reason?

          1. The first kind. That's the only context in which I'm currently using the term. There are no news stories published, but plenty of outrage on Twitter. Racist stuff from 2018.

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