41 thoughts on “June 30, 2020: Famished”

  1. Who had this very correct take?

    “If you’re looking to expose individuals in baseball’s history who promoted racism by continuing to close baseball’s doors to men of color, Kenesaw Landis would be a candidate. Looking back to baseball in the early 1900s, this was the norm. It doesn’t make it right, though. Removing his name from the MVP trophy would expose the injustice of that era. I’d gladly replace the engraving on my trophies.”

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  2. Getting that first summer bill from the electric company while working from home sure is an eye opener, yikes.

      1. About that...I signed up for a pilot program where I pay a flat fee per month for unlimited electric vehicle charging during off-peak hours. The math is not working out in my favor on that one.

                1. I hadn’t heard that expression, but all I know is that these snacks won’t eat themselves.

    1. Having no commute is nice but now you take on the utility costs of being home during the warmest parts of the day.

    2. Our latest electric bill was $0.* Also just took advantage of multiple rebates to get a couple smart thermostats.

      * We have budget billing, and we caught up to our monthly $74 bill that we got a mulligan.

    3. There have been rumblings of state legislators or others (the previous governor’s regents?) demanding audits of every staff member’s time during our mandatory remote period. If that winds up happening, I plan to send a bill to each of them for use of our home desktop, printer, and the difference in utilities consumption.

      I haven’t changed our thermostat’s usual summer programming. I have it set so the A/C hasn’treally run from mid-morning to late afternoon so far, and that seems to be working out. Mrs. Hayes works from a spare bedroom the main level, where our desktop is, and I’m down in the basement, working from the bar the room the Poissonnière now calls my “office.” The basement stays cool enough most days that I’m fine, and I don’t hear too many complaints about it being too cold upstairs during the day. Then again, our furnace was only okayed for shut off in May...

    4. This is the time where I enjoy my solar panel lease. I pay the same each month throughout the year, and then each fall, if I use more power than the panels produced, I get a bill from the electric company for the difference. We've had to pay $600 to $700 each year because we got an electric car at nearly the same time we got the solar panels, so our yearly estimate for the power we would use was low, but we were planning on that. Still, the solar panels still save me money over the course of the year.

  3. My sandwich for today was John Hardy’s bbq pulled pork plate and jojo’s with a side of okra.

      1. It’s close to the best bbq I’ve ever eaten. And always consistent. I smoked a rack of ribs and a Boston butt on Sunday and it was good. However, JH is just so freaking good.

          1. Having driven 17 hours straight through and not wanting to enter intestinal distress territory I stuck to medium. Hit enough for flavor, but no where near bad boy level destruction..

            1. Hope all is well with the meat/Dr. Chop extended family. I've settled into the "second-hottest" as my preferred level.

  4. Listen, I’m in Minnesota unexpectedly, and all this complaining about how hot it is... hold my beer.

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