42 thoughts on “July 6, 2020: Count To Ten”

    1. the stuff he did with Sergio Leone secured him an enduring place in the popular zeitgeist. That theme for "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" is soooo iconic.

    2. I agree with Mr. Tarantino - “As far I am concerned, [he] is my favorite composer — and when I say ‘favorite composer,’ I don’t mean ‘movie composer,’ that ghetto, I’m talking about Mozart … Beethoven … Schubert.”

  1. Avoiding indoor places during this heat has really made this stretch a slog, our backyard is mostly shaded so at least the kids got out there to play a little this weekend. But this would have been a great weekend to go bowling, that's for sure.

    1. I think that if they start and it turns into a massive fiasco they might be regretting just not shutting down the entire season and hoping for the best in 2021.

    1. Harvard is a hedge fund with dormitories. Schools like Dr. Chop's will need to have in person attendance in order to make enough money to keep operating. I'm predicting that there will be a fair number of small colleges and universities that fail because under enrollment due to the university of phoenix stigma of an online education. Scary times for higher ed. (though to be honest if this crisis reshapes higher ed away from climbing walls, lazy rivers and crazy, insanely huuuuuuge sports programs..... well then.... )

  2. Our a/c hasn't been working, and the 1957-era fuse box is to blame. Replacing it with a new one is estimated to be an 8-hour repair. So I fled downtown to my office, where I'm enjoying a/c, Internet access, and almost total solitude. It's not too bad . . . except for the check I'm going to have to write the electrician when I get home.

    1. Ouch. Our A/C destroyed itself one year ago last week. This is a rough time to be without it, no matter the culprit. I imagine this repair involves installing a new breaker panel to replace the fuses?

    2. I don't have any A.C. Usually I can survive because the hot muggy weather is only for a day or two. It's been a week no with no relief. Yesterday was just horrid.

      1. growing up in Spamtown, we did not have central air. My dad installed a window unit and a dehumidifier in our basement, but the main floor (ranch-style, single floor house) was a sauna.

        we also never had AC in our vehicles.

        I cannot imagine not having AC at home and on the road today.

        1. We didn't have central air in our two-story. I can remember having the window air conditioner unit in the dining room with the doorways (no doors) blocked off with blankets to keep that room cool.

        2. It was bad, man. Everything was louder--fans at home, windows down on open highway. One time I had my A/C break down driving back in the afternoon from a Twins-Royals away game in August. Not good times.

          1. For the last three or four years, I have driven a car without air conditioning. Hot. I had a lot of 250 mile drives in 90+ heat with the windows on the passenger side open about an inch each. Now that I've replaced that car, 2020 and I haven't driven more than about 1000 miles all year, 500 of them in one day.

        3. No central air at my mom’s, either. I was lucky enough to have three windows due to having the square bay that hung out over the driveway, but we didn’t get much breeze. Getting the radio to be audible over the box fan, without being told to turn it down, was a balancing act. I would try to sleep on a daybed in the basement on particularly still nights.

          No A/C in the cars until my mom got a “nice” car when I was in 7th or 8th grade. Unfortunately, she’s cold-blooded, so the A/C almost never reached the back seat...but the windows were still up, because the A/C was “on.” That was even worse than riding in the back seat of the Volvo, which only had pop-out windows in the back. On the other hand, the massive floor vents in the ‘68 Chrysler I drove in high school were almost as good as A/C at highway speed.

        4. I remember life before central air. My folks had a single window unit, and we'd all pile into their bedroom and just lay on the bed and cool off after hot days spent running around outside. My sister being born with CF dramatically increased the necessity of air. She was born in September, and I think we had it by May of that next year.

          My in-laws still don't have air (old farmhouse, radiant heat), but they've invested in some quality window units and room units over the past few years.

          Funny story... we installed a window unit in our room when we lived there a few years back. Shortly after going to bed that night we found ourselves under attack from mosquitoes - we'd not completely sealed the window and they'd apparently been attracted to our room. We spent at least an hour swatting mosquitoes inside the room so that we (and our infant daughter) could finally get some sleep.

      2. Welcome to the suck. I spent a quick week in MN and yea it was hot, but it wasn't damn hot. I got out of our car in Nola in the wee hours of Sunday and smelled the dank, rotting veg air that is home to me now, and immediately pined for the hot, humid, but living smell of Minnesota.

        1. Yes, a post will be coming soon. Putting the homestead of 24 years up for sale at the end of the month. Looks like St. Paul, a loft condo in the Rossmor Building which is also home to Tin Whiskers, Sawatdee, Keys, and Black Sheep Pizza. If that falls through, I'm renting across the street from that building. 40 plus years in SW Minneapolis! Looked for places in Prospect Park and NE but nothing I liked in my prices range. Wanted to be closer to work.

    3. Friday night Mrs. Twayn noticed a big puddle of water under the furnace/air conditioner. I shut it down and checked it out, it appears to be a clog somewhere in the drain line for the condenser pan but I can't reach it or see it from the hose outlet. I scheduled Home Service Plus for a repair call but they won't be here until Saturday. So while it's not actually broken we can't use it until its been serviced. Also, when I was young all of our vehicles had 4WD70 air conditioning - 4 windows down at 70 miles per hour. We lived without any kind of air conditioning until we moved to southern Colorado in 1974 and bought a house with central air.

    4. Our house didn't have AC when we bought it. Then, we got a letter in the mail from the Metro Airport Commission the next year saying it was our turn to get central AC installed due to the neighborhood settlement. We had no idea. Ten years later and that AC was helpful, but still didn't really get the house below 79 on the really hot days. They came back last year for the latest round of MAC improvements and said that it was supposed to work better, so they put in a brand new unit, and so far it's working great this summer.

      Our first two houses growing up also didn't have AC. When we moved in seventh grade, my mom was so used to not having it and treated it like such a luxury that she would only turn it on if it got above 95.

      1. Ha, I can relate to your mom, DPWY. As much as possible I would rather have the windows open with fresh air blowing through the house. Because I only turn on the a/c when it's really hot, of course I didn't realize the problem until a heat wave was upon us.

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