July 15, 2020: Up A Few Bucks

It's a long, weird story, but I've been playing poker online with a group of people from high school I barely knew back then but randomly became friends with many years after. Despite having no poker background, I'm up, like, sixty bucks!

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  1. I've mentioned before that I've been listening to old baseball broadcasts on youtube. I'm listing to a Cleveland-Kansas City game from 1960 and the announcer just remarked, "It's been a rather long game--over two and a half hours."

  2. Walmart announced that all customers must wear a mask starting 7/20. I applaud the move but can't imagine how awful this is going to be for the greeters at the front of the store.

    1. My institution is open(ish) and we require masks even for our outside spaces (which is 90% of our open space right now). We’ve had a couple folks express their maga rights and have been quietly de escalated and been asked to come back when the pandemic is over. Nobody has been slapped across the face yet.

  3. the Mrs and I watched The Old Guard on sunday night. High body count, terribly cliche'd villain, but still quite entertaining. And franchise possibilities.

  4. I vote for the rename of Redskins to Red-Tails.

    A (long) while ago, I was in DC for a conference. It was the same week that some dude tried to crash his plane into the White House. Needing a haircut, I wandered into a neighborhood and saw a striped barber pole.

    Turns out, it was a barbershop run by an old black guy, probably in his 80's. I got in the chair and he started his craft. Turns out, he was one of the Tuskegee Air men (nicknamed the Red-Tails) in WWII. He had numerous photos in his shop of him and his compatriots, and told me all about them and their ventures.

    The haircut was fine - the straight-edge razor close-work at the end was a little scary as his hands were a little shaky.

    He said there was a parade in NYC for his group after the war - the disparaging comments from the crowd made it the "coldest day of my life". He went over to serve in Germany where he said military blacks were treated much better than here.

        1. He's gotten better over the past couple of years as he's gotten some experience in the booth. He is, by far, the one I prefer from the current rotation. Listening to him last night just solidified that opinion for me -- the guy actually LIKES baseball, and is excited about the team and has clearly done his due diligence in getting to know about some of the new and up and coming folks.

          1. I second all of that. He was a little tentative his first year but is great now.

            I do like the idea of rotating color commentary people. It keeps it fresh.

            1. Not me. If I can't hear Bert Blyleven rant about how pitchers aren't as tough as they once were, I'm not gonna be happy. Unless Jack Morris fills in and gives me my fix.

          2. the guy actually LIKES baseball

            It's crazy to me that so many teams trot out old dudes who love to talk about how much better the game used to be, SBG's response made me laugh thinking that the Twins have two flavors of this genre.

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