21 thoughts on “July 18, 2020: Signpost”

  1. Now that John Lewis has sadly died, who is the greatest living American?

    1. I'd have some snarky and some serious replies, but I feel like offering any of them do a disservice, since they all move in different directions.

      I had just heard an interview with him on NPR a week or two ago. Not all of our Representatives who have reached his age remain so sharp, but he certainly did. This is a big loss.

  2. Completed: new patio, new playground

    Docket: fence, waiting for online schooling. Know too many people already with COVID who sent kids to tiny and careful daycares. Thankfully we have the luxury and privilege to do it another way

    1. Are you saying they sent their kids to daycare although they knew they'd been exposed to Covid, or that they brought home Covid?

  3. I feel like we haven't accomplished a lot this summer. My wife and I are each teaching two short summer courses, which is a lot, especially when teaching them online for the first time. Our construction is still ongoing, but finally nearing the end. Because of that, most other home-improvement related items have been on hold until the big work is done. I am very excited that we have a working kitchen again, though!

    To be done: Since the construction is almost done, we will soon be ready to move everything back into the house and put things away, so that's a big one on the To Do list. We also have a whole lot of shelves and cabinets to build and install, once those areas of the house are completely done with painting, baseboards, etc. There's a lot of weeding to be done, and a little more planting to do, too. My summer class ends in two weeks, and Fall doesn't start for three weeks after that, so that will be prime house work time.

  4. We decided to make the 2-hour drive out to near Joshua Tree National Park last night to take a look at the Neowise comet. It was well worth the drive, I can't recommend it enough. We had some binoculars to see in more detail, but it was easily visible with the naked eye with that level of dark skies. The kids enjoyed it, too. A great experience all around.

  5. I've learned that I didn't avoid home projects because I was too busy. I avoided then because I don't like doing them.

  6. Putting in 10 hour plus says on WFH, so very little was accomplished this summer. Did finish a couple small projects in the yard recently, but tore up my good knee in the process. Man, getting old sucks.

  7. Former Twins great Logan Forsythe news

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