2020 Game 4 — Cardinals at Twins

Twins begin their 2020 home season schedule with a National League opponent for the first time ever which seems appropriate given this weird season. The St. Louis Cardinals should be pretty decent this year so a good gauge early on what the Twins could be.

Homer Bailey up for the Twins and let’s hope that he forgets to pitch to name. Carlos Martinez pitching for the Cards. He was a reliever last year but is going back to being a starter for 2020.

Game time at 7:10p with some early season opener festivities. At 8:46p a moment of silence for George Floyd and apparently there will be a memorial mural on the outfield wall in his honor. Don’t read the Strib comments!

So baseball’s back baby. Let’s continue what was started in Chicago.

27 thoughts on “2020 Game 4 — Cardinals at Twins”

  1. Homer Bailey was drafted in the first round in the 2004 Draft. The Twins have had 7 players from the first round play at least 1 game for them
    - Phillip Humber #3 pick
    - Homer Bailey #7
    - Trevor Plouffe #20
    - Glen Perkins #22
    - Phil Hughes #23
    - Kyle Waldrop #25
    - Matt Fox #35

    also had Jay Rainville at #39 but never reached the majors

      1. Seems to me the random fan talking to his neighbor in the stands during the anthem is less respectful than someone kneeling quietly, but I still don't know how the anthem became totally synonymous with the military/first responders

  2. "The Cardinals did not have cardboard cutouts in the stands for their Opening Weekend. But if they did, they would be the best cutouts in baseball" - Dick Bremer deadpanned. Im rolling 😆

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