46 thoughts on “July 28, 2020: Overload”

  1. Had a Zoom call with the nursing home singing gang, and I half-jokingly asked the mom of a Marlins' AAA pitcher if he'd been called up. She mentioned that he (and presumably others) had been called and asked how ready he is should it come to that.

  2. File under good news (that file is looking a little slim these days....): I was promoted yesterday. This comes almost 5 years to the day that they passed me over for this job the first time (the time they hired a sexually harassing, micro managing, toxic work environment creating turd of a human..... not that I'm bitter). My team sent a letter of support up the chain when I told them that I had an interview, and the sent me a copy of the letter. I've never felt better about a team of colleagues.

    Now, negotiating salary isn't my strong suite. I find it really interesting that asking for money and advocating for my team members isn't hard, but for myself? I'd rather eat broken glass. I felt almost sick at requesting more money from the administration for what I see as a more than justified increase to their offer. We'll see if I barf later.

    1. Good luck, meat. I'm grateful I work for a non-profit that is super transparent about the salary structure of every position and how it compares to the market, as well as full financials of the budget in every way. No need to negotiate. You know what you'd be offered ahead of time and you know how the company is doing financially.

      1. same as a gubmint employee. I am acutely aware that I make a healthy income. I'm also acutely aware that I could make much, much more money consulting FOR gubmints, if I wanted to go that route and grub for contracts and billable hours. Which I decidedly do not, but when I see how hard it is to get commensurate value out of some contractors....

        1. I wouldn't want to negotiate salaries, not knowing what their basis for comparison was. In fact...memories... I was worried I was going to take a pay cut when I took my current job. I would have done it anyway given how much I wanted to get out of the previous one.
          I AM glad, though, that I requested credit towards the paid vacation policy, so I came in with three weeks. I thought I was going to have to wait 10 years for an additional week, but they rewrote the policy in such a way that the time was effectively credited, so I got bumped up to the next level even sooner.

  3. free, those pics of your house on the Twitters look fantastic. I love the old homes in our neighborhoods with all the wood. What year was it built?

    1. 1913. Wait to you see the full set in the listing. Photos were done professionally and there is an obvious golden hue filter and lens work to make the place look more spacious.

      My Sister In Law came Sunday and was ruthless in dumping stuff and rearranging to stage it. We didn't live in it like it is shown the photos. I'll post MLS listing when it goes live on Thursday.

  4. MPLS Police have identified, but not arrested, Umbrella Man, the dude who was seen on video breaking windows at the Auto Zone in uptown that was a flashpoint of the subsequent fires and property damage. Surprise, surprise, he's a white supremecist.

        1. Doesn't seem so yet. MPR wouldn't share his name because he hasn't yet been charged, but identified him as a 32-yo from Ramsey with a terroristic threats conviction and a Facebook page full of white supremacy garbage.

          Edited to add: Any warrant application should be public, so no reason to disbelieve that MPR read one (law enforcement surely wants to search his residence and vehicle for an umbrella and gas mask) and got his name from it.

  5. Vikings DL Pierce has opted out of the season. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-team-by-team-opt-out-tracker-donta-hightower-patrick-chung-among-players-who-will-pass-on-2020-season/

    I hadn’t really given it a ton of consideration until now, but despite their strength and quickness off the line, essentially all the linemen are obese and I would be terrified to be that big and get sick.

    Also, in terms of protocols—if the NFL season depended on no one getting arrested during the season, they wouldn’t make it all the way through the season.

    1. On Opening Day, I was watching the Mets and the Atlanta Baseball Team, and I couldn't help but be amazed that Yoenis Cespedes's walk-up music was "Circle of Life." What an immediately knowable hook.

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