45 thoughts on “August 1, 2020: The Grass Is Always Greener”

  1. SSS still applies
    Randy Dobnak has appeared in 11 games, pitched 37.1 innings , has an ERA of 1.45 ( 6 ER 10 R total)

  2. When we moved into the parsonage in North Sioux City, the lawn hadn't been cared for at all. There were pine trees in the yard, and with no care there were pine needles more than an inch thick in some places. You literally could not take a step without stepping on a pine cone. My wife and I went to work and, while I won't say it ever looked great, we got it to where if we kept it mowed short you couldn't tell the difference between the grass and the weeds and it at least looked passable. My neighbor said, "Now I'm going to have to take better care of my yard. It used to be that no matter how bad it looked, it wouldn't look as bad as yours."

    1. We spent a week at Hilton Head right before the shutdown - crappy weather most of the time.

      The hotel we stayed at had a thick bedding of long pine needles for their ground cover around the flowers/bushes - I thought it looked cool - probably more maintainable than grass in that climate. I think it was long leaf pine that has huge-o cones.

  3. Looking like I'll be able to empathize with those citizens who had to replace their air conditioners. Feeling lucky regarding the forecasted unseasonably cool August weather.

    1. My guess is that they'll try to keep the season going unless and until it significantly affects the Yankees.

  4. Prepare for "classic baseball". I trust Olbermann with a nugget like this

    1. If so, this is disappointing. Seems like within teams they could distance from each other much better, and it also seems like there isn’t team-to-team transmission so far. A bubble system would have been better, but they haven’t even done a very good non-bubble system.

  5. My only neighbor is 65 ish and retired. And he's lived in his house for years.

    Whereas we moved into a house that'd been empty for 3 years, have a job with a 45 min each way commute (currently on hold) and kid(s).

    I do what I can but it's hard to not compare our yard to his.

  6. On the Grill

    Today we're having pork-burgers. Ground pork, egg, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, basil and parsley flakes, salt+peppa, all glommed together. I've been getting the ugliest heirloom tomatoes at the store (as they have the most flavor) + grilled onion, toasty brioche buns, with homemade Hawaiian BBQ sauce (pineapple, cider vinegar, molasses, tomatoes, liquid smoke, Himalayan pink salt).

    1. I picked some sweet corn, onions, and a tomato from my parents garden. Dont know what Im going to make yet, but its going to be good!

    2. We'll be grilling pizzas tonight. We have an insane amount of basil in the garden so we'll be featuring that. And then probably making pesto again this week.

      1. We have more basil this year than we've ever had. Tonight we're making this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I'll let everyone choose their own mix-ins, which hopefully means everyone will be happy with what they get!

        1. That looks more or less like the recipes I've used. It fascinates me how they can all be so different for something like this.

          On FB Zoom had recommended trying it with pistachios instead of pine nuts, and I'm planning on giving that a shot this week too.

  7. Our yard is pretty well tended. Unfortunately the narrow side of the driveway had an older couple and their clover, spurge, water grass, crabgrass, as well as wasp gall balls from their oak tree cause an endless border war. I do what I can.

    Looks like the house is being prepared to be sold, so we'll see...

  8. for the TV minded folks out here, what is the best dollar value in a new TV today? I'm not looking to spend 1700 bones, but don't minds spending a few dollars. Was looking at cost co this morning while the dr. did the actual grocery shop...... oh yeah there's a pandemic happening.

    1. I like my LG OLED for quality, but it wasn’t a budget-minded choice at all when I bought it a few years ago. Not sure if LG is still near the top or if the OLED prices have come down.

    2. For my money, almost all major brand flat screens have great pictures today. We have a semi-smart Samsung and a moar Smart TCL. Both are good.

      The TCL has Roku on board. Which means two separate remotes, one for the smart stuff and subscriptions, the other for Uverse.

    3. I would be careful to check that you aren’t getting a TV that will push ads on you—ideally you leave the TV disconnected from the internet and use something like a roku or apple tv or blu ray player for streaming.

      1. Okay, maybe i really am a luddite afterall, but how do these tvs push adds? We've got a roku stick and are happy with it but by connecting to wifi to use the preloaded roku app will expose me to advertising intrusion? Man, I'm feeling really old suddenly.... damn kids and their new fangled technology.

    4. We replaced some TVs over the last few years and have been very happy with the TCL’s we got. The Roku smart TV stuff works well, the picture looks good, and they are quite affordable. When we last looked I was shocked how cheap even big TVs are these days. I’d assume there are other higher end TVs with better picture, but they look great to me. I’m sure next time it is time to replace one we’ll go with TCL again.

      1. Agreed. I want to boo him because he sucks. I never want to see players or officials hurt or sick.

  9. Got the second of out smart thermostats installed this morning. We'll see how long it goes before we find out we have setting(s) wrong. Still, pretty cool so far.

  10. Busy, fun Saturday. We went down to the National Eagle Center this morning (with a stop at Hanisch's for donuts on the way!).

    Lunch at King's on the way back. (I had the Full Count, which was truly spectacular. A burger topped with peanut butter, BBQ sauce, pepper jack, and fried onions.)

    Then, splashing around in the Minnehaha Creek. What a day!

  11. Having friends over shortly for distanced cocktails. I baked a whole wheat hockey puck, to go with cheese and salami.

  12. At the Eagle Center, there was a map of destinations to visit all along The Great River Road. The furthest suggestion to the south was the Historic New Orleans Collection. I wonder if they reciprocate the free publicity.

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