2020 Game Log Twelve: Minnesota Twins at Pittsburgh Pirates

The Twins move to Pittsburgh for what I'm calling the third of a four game series. Let's keep the momentum going and get that four-game-two-city sweep.

Cruz continues to break MLB records as a 40 year old; an inspiration to us all.

Dobnak grew up around and took in games in Pittsburgh. He now makes a start there for a depleted Twins rotation. Let's hope he can also help give the bullpen a bit of a breather.

9-2 ties a franchise record for best start to a season (the 2001 Twins and 1930 Senators also accomplished). Let's go for the record. Naturally in a cursed season, this is one of the best teams in its history.

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    1. hey, sorry, i was in the middle of posting and then i was interrupted by my damn wiener kids. if you don't mind, i kind of turned your post into mine...

  1. I've never been a fan of different colored jerseys and pants. I have always preferred matching unis, home whites and road greys, or creams. Or powder blues!

    1. I thought the Pirates black with gold trim jerseys they wore at Target Field were pretty good.

  2. It really is refreshing to have a baseball analyst that does a little homework about the other team instead of popping open the media guide during the game

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